Saturday, August 6, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 32

Welcome to Week 32 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week brings a transition to a new Color of the Month.  I'm looking forward to seeing what Angela comes up with now that summer's heat is heavy upon us. In the heat of this transition week, with my HOT PINK sewing done, I was able to make significant progress on my commission quilt and UFOs.

SUNDAY, my friend Helena was back for another day of sewing fun.  I took some time to present you with a look at my HOT PINK progress for July...

ONE (1) Maverick Star Block:

ONE (1) Slab Block:

ONE (1) String Block:

TWO (2) Tiny Nines:

Five (5) blocks in HOT (or not) PINK with touches of lime/green:

ONE (1) Rainbow Crumb Block:

For a GRAND TOTAL of SIX (6) blocks made during HOT PINK month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

Afterwards, I got busy making another TWO Knife Rolls and started work on THREE Custom CK Totes.

On MONDAY we transitioned to a hazy shade of...

... As the new Color of the Month. I happily sorted through my scraps when I got home from this morning's Knit Group meeting:

August's accompanying color is...

... In shades of evergreen.  The Color of the Month announcement will give you a better idea of what Angela had in mind, but she also gave us an alternate color:

TUESDAY was filled with potential.  However, it ended up being errand day.  Bills, banking, and grocery shopping.  Ugh!  The day's only saving grace was a lovely chat with my good friend Knittingsuek.  :o))

On WEDNESDAY, I found myself... Up in the studio completing a Custom Knife Roll (complements of DS1) that I cut out this weekend:

Once that was done, I decided that it was time to change my nail color to August's dusty/hazy PURPLE.  Here's what I ended up with. It's a sort of dusty bluish-purple that doesn't photograph well:

After lunch, I completed another Custom Knife Roll:

Thanks again, DS1!!!

With the Knife Roll project out of the way, I went back to work on The Tennis Quilt...

Here I am pressing the LAST bordered square...

Then I squared up that LAST block:

THURSDAY morning found me up at the crack of dawn.  YUCK!!

The first order of business was getting a start on sewing the rows of The Tennis Quilt (since the due date is approaching!), since I had an hour to kill before leaving for Quilt Group:

Then at my friend Candy's home for my weekly Quilt Group meeting, the ladies didn't get to see The Missing Quilt completed...

... And also some missed hearing that The Tennis Quilt blocks are now in "twosies."

That early waking really threw me for a loop!

They DID get to see me working on the binding of my Calico Rick Rack quilt... I've been putting in a few stitches whenever I can:

Hey, LOOK!!!  There's a more accurate representation of the "BLURPLE" color chosen for August's Color of the Month. 


I was exhausted from my early rising, but managed to pull THESE fabrics for my August Block Drive offering for Covered in Love:

On FRIDAY, I was tempted to head to my LYS for a bit of knitting. Instead...  My knitting friends met for an impromptu Knit Group meeting.  FUN!!!

I wound that lovely ball of chocolate (yarn) shown above, frogged a project that wasn't going well, and knit on a friend's sock project.

After lunch I put in a good afternoon's work on The Tennis Quilt. You can read about that HERE.  As a warm-up exercise, I stitched those fabrics chosen for my CiL block:

Cut them apart, then rearranged them...

... AND sewed them back together again:

ONE Covered in Love block, ready for mailing!!

I found (after posting) that Angela had posted the August RSC Sampler Block Tutorial.  She didn't mention the name, but I always call it a Bordered Square.  Oh, wait!  On the RSC16 page, she calls it Bulls-eye.  Whatever YOU call it, it's a super-simple block!!  If you haven't made one... Try it!!  I find that it is a great pattern for baby or kid quilts.

SATURDAY will be broken up by a birthday party.  My attendance is required (Nope! Not mine!!) and THEN comes...

Art Bee:  PHOTO CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE!!!  And will remain so, since I was having tummy troubles and didn't go.  :o((

To start off the day right, Angela's LINK PARTY was on the agenda.  Join me on a tour through BlogLand for a look at the PURPLE HAZE projects that participants worked on this week, won't you?  I may not have much time, but I'll visit as many RSC Quilters as possible (and tour the rest tomorrow.)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Another busy, creative week for you. I am so tempted to do some of those Covered in Love blocks this month - the pop of color with the black and white is stunning!

  2. Can't wait to see the blocks you will make with your purple, green and gray scraps. Your block for Covered in love is beautiful and for a good cause, congratulations! Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, that's a busy week! Love those pink blocks. They look so yummy.

  4. Covered in Love blocks are on my list for this week, too! Your July blocks all turned out great!

  5. You had some good production this week. I love your slab block with the touch of yellow. The Covered in Love block turned out great.

  6. You sure get a lot done in a little bit of time. Required attendance..... I'm guessing Happy Birthday might be in order =). Love the nails. I think I might splurge and get a pedi on the first day of kids school. Maybe I'll go with purple instead of my usual red or pink.

  7. Is it your birthday, too? 8)
    I love all those fabulous pinks that you finished up July with, and am looking forward to August's dusty purple.

  8. Your blocks are so lovey! I love your nail polish too.


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