Thursday, October 11, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - The Original Sew/Craft Friend-zy

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  The post was ready and a reminder was set.  Alas, it appears on Thursday.  An appointment in Greensboro and dinner with my MIL delayed the release.  The icing on the cake was the trip to Urgent Care on the way home!  :o((

Anyway, here's the story:

This past weekend found me heading to Raleigh, once again.  Our monthly Sew Day has turned into a weekend-long Mini Retreat.  


We can come set up on Friday night and work until we get to tired, then head back on Saturday morning.  With a break for lunch (and dinner, as well), it's a GREAT way to knock out some steps on your current project!  Or... a new one!  :o))

The quilters set up in the foyer, like always.  First off, I presented Tiffany with her very own small pin cushion to accompany her Singer Featherweight sewing machine:

I think she likes my Squirrel Club project, but the thanks goes to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for posting the TUTORIAL... On Wednesday last week!!  Pretty crazy (for me!) that it's already done:

Most of us were working on our Blooming 9-Patch...

Britt (somehow) assembled a rectangular center for the B9P that she is making for her niece's dorm room:

If this was to be a baby quilt, I think she could choose to leave it like this.  She disagrees with me.  It's OK, if she's wrong:

I started the day with 2 corners-worth of rows stacked up...

... And a line of blocks that I began stitching right away:

Lisa had about 6 rows to stitch together before the final assembly:

Pressing was first on Tiffany's agenda:

She had just FOUR panels remaining:

Britt is rethinking the fabric for her final rounds:

Does she have a winner:

I believe she does:

Look what the cat drug in!  Denise, sporting a cute new haircut:

Lisa is all set up and ready to sew:

Denise showed off her cozy new quilt top.  Just a stack of fabric the last time we were here:

Her first task was figuring out the backing of this quilt:

The messier crafters were sequestered in the gym:

Acrylic paintings from placemat art:

OK, so maybe paper crafting isn't THAT messy:

Back in the quilting corner, Tiffany completed the top of her B9P:

She then moved on to layering her paper-pieced dog quilt:

Britt is frowning because she sewed a bunch of 9-Patches wrong:

With her pup quilt layered, Tiffany worked on getting her Singer 222 Featherweight sewing machine ready for quilting:

Meanwhile, Denise has begun THIS new project:

SEW many colors included in the kit...

... And making HSTs were the first order of business:

Yay, Tiffany!!  Quilting on your Featherweight:

A happy Denise shows off ANOTHER new quilt kit:

Happy Birthday, Joy!  Who made the cake?  Hmm...

... Whoever it was, I certainly look happy about it:

Thank you, Lisa!! Your Hershey Bar cake is AMAZING:

Britt is trimming us some new pale yellow sections:

I'm making progress on another quadrant of my quilt:

Distracted by a challenge, Britt helps when I hit a snag:

With the Pup Quilt all done (sans binding), Tiffany works on a modern looking mini quilt...

... Which goes really quickly.  What are you quilting now, Tif?  Show us, please:

Wow!!  Denise finished sewing this HUGE stack of HSTs:

Tiffany's last project?  A mug rug for ME!!  A cheerful pineapple: 

Our Sew Day ROCK STAR then made a couple of gorgeous bags:

Britt's fiddling with my quilt, again!  I was having trouble lining things up.  The seam allowances visually threw off the pattern:

Thanks SEW much, Britt!  I was about ready to throw in the towel:

What's that, Lisa?  You are giving it a final press:

Voila!!  Lisa's Blooming 9-Patch is a completed quilt top...

... While mine is still in (partial) rows:

ANOTHER project, waiting in the wings...

... Tiffany certainly knows how to maximize her productivity:

Lisa is busy cutting binding for a baby quilt:

Here's another look at Tiffany's mini quilt:

Fabric strips are being transformed into quilt binding and after the quilt is bound, Lisa plans to add feather quilting using the design shown in the foreground of the photo below:

Britt and I broke down tables, put away chairs.  The reverse of our morning's (previosly unmentioned) activities.  We then packed up our stuff and went home, as it was getting late.  The venue is about an hour away and we were both tired from the long day.

Enjoyable.  Productive (for most.)   LONG, but a wonderful day!  I'm already looking forward to the next Sew/Craft Friend-zy.

Linking up with Cynthia for Oh Scrap!

Until next time...
Keep on quilting!!!


  1. With the amount of pictures you took, I am surprised you had time to sew at all. (Not that I am complaining about the amount of pictures, I LOVE pictures.) Lots of beautiful projects going on. I love the color combo you chose for your B9P. ;^)

  2. So much progress made on so many lovely projects. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap! I always love to see what everyone is working on.

  3. you had me at hershey bar cake - ha ha ha - your blooming 9 patch is really beautiful!!

  4. Your Blooming 9-patch is coming along.


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