Monday, June 6, 2011

Picture Posting Test

In the past, I have always either clicked on the "Insert Image" icon or posted about a particular picture directly from Flickr.  Unfortunately, I've been having some trouble lately.  I received this message:

"Your Blogger credentials are invalid. Perhaps try removing and re-connecting this Blogger account." 

when trying to post from the photo and another when trying to click the "Insert Image" icon.  It's been EXTREMELY frustrating, to say the least!

Fortunately, a Ravelry friend made a suggestion that I hadn't considered.  Hopefully, her method will work!  Here's the test post:

Thrifty goodness...

Converse Dots - The Top

I found these Converse sneakers while searching for "Cowboy" attire for DS2.  His Middle School band went country for the final concert of the year.  Could YOU have passed them up?  They are SO cute!  At a cost of only $4, I couldn't leave them.  PLUS... They were just my size!

It appears that the Raveller's method worked.  Thanks, GirlReaction!  Now back to your (not so) regularly scheduled quilting posts.

Until then...
Happy Trails

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