Saturday, October 7, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC17 - Week 40

Welcome to Week 40 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This is my weekly update for my scrappy sewing.

SUNDAY - I returned from the back of beyond.  Internet restored.  I was so tired that I missed slipping in the promised Scrap Jar Stars for your ORANGE viewing pleasure.  Sorry!!  Here's the view from the scenic overlook on the way to the gate house coming down the mountain from the cabin:

Meanwhile, Angela posted October's official Color of the Month announcement... even though she kind of, sort of let the cat out of the bag several weeks ago, if you know where to look.  In case you were not aware... it's time to break out those PINK scraps:

MONDAY - Knit Group was followed by quilting with Needleb.  Here are my ORANGE Scrap Jar Star blocks that didn't get posted over the weekend...

... Along with SIX (6) scrappy Crumb blocks:

Can you spot the PINK bits???

After dinner, I released the Summer 2017 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The Results post.  THIS will give you an idea of how everyone did with finishing their projects.

TUESDAY - The morning was mine, but the afternoon was spent helping a friend.  In the evening hours, I completed my Fall 2017 - (Ravelry) UFO Club - The List post.  You can see it HERE.

WEDNESDAY - No time for quilting today.  :o((

I did release my Wonderful Wednesday - The Winning Edition post for this week, though.  YOU can follow this LINK, if you are interested in reading it.

THURSDAY - Weekly Quilt Group met this morning.  After lunch several of us went to Durham to see Ruth B's new house.  It's AWESOME (and I can see many Sew Days once the rest of the boxes have been emptied!!)

When I got home, I worked on The Great Scraps Trade-A-Thon Swap the Quilting Knitters group on Ravelry and then sorted my PINK squares for the Alternate Blocks of my RSC15:

FRIDAY - Coffee Club... otherwise know as knitting... Again!!

During the afternoon, I did some catch-up work in orange:

I cut a range of shades for the Alternate Blocks for my RSC15 quilt.  Not sure WHERE the notion of only needing FOUR orange squares came from!!  Silly, Joyful!!  LOL

While waiting for DH to get home for dinner, I got a start on my Scrap Jar Stars in PINK:

No.  I didn't sew, but cutting is the first step to making blocks!!  :P

SATURDAY has rolled around, again.  It's difficult to fathom how quickly that happens.  I joined Angela's LINK PARTY for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Come with me to see what PINK wonders await.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Love those orange stars! Have fun with the orange ones!

  2. You had a busy and fun week, and that's what counts. Your Scrap Jar stars are lovely!!

  3. Fabric, fabric everywhere! How on earth do you find time to knit, too?!?

  4. Love the orange stars! Have fun making some pink ones, which will be just as lovely, I'm sure!

  5. The blocks go together so quickly after all that cutting is completed! I only did cutting this week too!

  6. Lots of great orange squares. Looking forward to a big reveal before too long. (Sorry about the 4 orange squares -- glad to have people help keep me on my toes.

  7. It is so fun to read about your social whirl! And the scrap jar stars look terrific.

  8. Love the bits of gray (or is it black & white) fabric in your orange scrap jar star. Very pretty!

  9. Seems like a busy week - but fun! Love your scrap jars. xx

  10. Another busy week. the pinks look like they should be fun.
    And I do like the scrap jar star blocks. Very effective.
    Cheers, Karen

  11. I do not know how you keep up with yourself and your projects! Forget that, I just realized that pink and orange are better together than I would have thought. I know you're not mixing them, but that's what occured to me. As I was scrolling down, I stopped to read and there were orange blocks on the top of the screen and pink ones on the bottom with a bit of white between and wow, it surprises me how good they look. I don't think I'd have ever considered them together on my own. See what a dull person I can be.

  12. Your days are so busy and happy, it's great to read about them!

  13. You continually amaze me with how much you are able to finish each week. I stand in awe! Love the rainbow scraps! Especially Pink October!

  14. I love your posts! Beautiful picture of the mountains.
    Awesome orange scrap jar stars. Will be my block pattern for next year's RSC.
    Difficult to believe that it is already October. Leaves beginning to change color, will be gone next month. Love all your colors and prints.
    Have a good week!

  15. You got lots done this week. Getting everything all cut out does make it go so much faster once you do have some time to stitch.


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