Saturday, January 5, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC19 - Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week is Transition Week where we will be finishing out 2018 and starting our posts for RSC19.  I am SEW glad that Angela has chosen to continue in her quest to USE up ALL of the FABRIC SCRAPS in her sewing closet!

What is the RSC?  Oh!  You're new here and aren't familiar with Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge over on So Scrappy blog?  Well, if you have scraps or love rainbow quilts, it is TOTALLY the place for you!  I resemble that remark, SEW...

Follow me, as I begin my 5th year of participation!!

SUNDAY - It was a quiet day at home.  Blogging took up the lion's share of the time.  My Scrap Attack Tuesday - December Results post was released a bit early since we are running out of days in the year.

In between writing blog posts, I tackled Mt. Washmore for the LAST time (the new year!)

MONDAY - Knit Group met today.  Only a few of us showed up.  I worked on the sleeve striping of my Hoodie Shawl Cardigan.  It better relates to the rest of the sweater now that I've ripped back and re-knit with the purple solid between the colorful stripes.  I picked it up again while waiting to ring in the New Year:

I also released my Scrap Attack Year In Review post early, since Tuesday will no longer be 2018.

Check out the guessing game over on the Mystery Monday Link-Up for Bonnie Hunter's  Good Fortune Mystery.  There are quite a few really fun ideas!

TUESDAY - Happy New Year!!!  Welcome to 2019!!  Welcome to a new Color of the Month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

And the winner is...

I spent my morning finishing up my 2019 Planning Post and knitting more of the sleeve of my sweater:

WEDNESDAY - I spent the morning at the hospital.  NOT as a patient!!  I was there for the knitting... And to support a good friend during some tests:

While she was getting an ultrasound, I was making a mess of my yarn ball, which collapsed as I was switching colors:

We celebrated a good report by heading to the nail salon (I chose a deep, dark RED!) and going out to lunch:

The afternoon was spent adding links to various posts and arranging the "NEW" (moved from the other side of the room) shelves in the studio:

Hmm... Still missing a little SOMETHING, I do believe.  No time to worry about that!  I've got some sewing to do:

That shot (above) shows my RED scraps waiting in the wings and below you have a better lit view of my manicure for the month:

THURSDAY - This morning I was able to attend my Weekly Quilt group... WITHOUT the Junior Quilter in tow!

Today's Show and Tell is what I was making last night:

Oops!  I forgot that it was supposed to be a fabric POST CARD, instead of a "regular" mini quilt:

And... I came home with a new piece of art:

Thank you, Dee Dee!!  Just LOOK at this gorgeous post card:

It's got some RED on it for the RSC!!  :o))

Oh...  And I just MIGHT have come home with MORE scraps:

Also, I wanted to send Cynthia some quilty love!!  I was just reading a post over on her blog, Quilting is more fun than Housework She said that Craftsy's reorganization meant that ALL of her patterns were dropped from the platform, with the exception of Wiggle Time.  She's feeling uncertain about her income for 2019, as her pattern Spin! was a best seller.

She's opened a Payhip account and her patterns can still be found in her Etsy shop, but Cynthia is concerned about dead links all over Pinterest and other social media.  :o((

If you have time, go read the post or scroll down to find out how YOU can help this scrappy friend.  Thanks!

FRIDAY - Today was business as usual.  Boy, is it ever hard getting back into the swing of things after the Holidays!!

The afternoon was for containing these beautiful hand dyed fabrics:

Enter, a GIANT used Utz container... MUCH better:

Bonnie posted the big REVEAL of her BEAUTIFUL Good Fortune Mystery:


SATURDAY - Welcome to the first LINK PARTY day of 2019!!  While YOU head over to Angela's So Scrappy blog to see what RED goodness awaits, I'm on my way to Raleigh for Sew/Craft Friend-zy today.  (Must sleep first, but thought I'd post early... since I's still awake.)  Hooray for a full day of quilting with friends!  I'll catch up with the other RSC Quilters tomorrow.

LOOK at the awesome rainbow I found when reading comments over on Alycia Quilts!  Michelle from Crayon Box Quilt Studio has a new(ish) pattern out.  Apparently, she really likes using ALL the colors:

Until next time...
SCRAPPY New Year!!!


  1. Off to a very quiltie start to the new year. I love it when you go out to quilt and come home with scraps. Like Christmas all over again.

  2. The days right after a holiday always get me a little confused - what day of the week is it anyway?! :) I like your new display shelves! The big plastic jar for scraps is a great idea, too. Happy New Year, Joy!

  3. Wow, another whirlwind week. Enjoy your road trip today. Hope you get in lots of stitching time this week.

  4. I was going to say Wow! but then I saw that Kate already said that. But my goodness you stay busy! I like your drawer shelves - makes me wish I had some extra drawers laying around. Or do I? hmmm. I hadn't thought of all the broken links with Craftsy's move. That will affect a lot of people. I guess Craftsy thinks they used everyone enough to build their own customer base, so bye bye.


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