Sunday, December 30, 2018

Scrap Attack Tuesday - December Results

Welcome to the final edition of Scrap Attack Tuesday!!  (Obviously, NOT released on a Tuesday, but that would be NEXT YEAR.)  I had an extensive job list at the beginning of 2018.  I have worked through each of my goals for the year.  Now, I'm here to report in on my scrappy progress for the month.

December Accomplishments...

From my Scrap Attack list:

10. Britt ordered, Organize/label scraps under the longarm.


I never even attempted this one (and don't plan to do so.)  The thought of digging in the bin was/is just too overwhelming.  :o((

From the secondary list:

10. Cut Triangles like Chantal.

I don't recall what kind of triangles Chantal planned to cut, but I will use my Sizzix Triangle die to cut random scraps.


Even with a variety of time-sensitive projects on the go, I wasn't going to take a FAIL on this task!  How hard can it be to grab a stack of fabric?  How long could it take to wind out a few triangles?

With that attitude (and a few days remaining in the year), I loaded the machine...

... And cut this stack of triangles:

As a last ditch effort...  Mission accomplished.

Thanks to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for encouraging me to work through some of my fabric scraps.

Until next time...

Attack those SCRAPS!!!


  1. I look forward to seeing what you do with the triangles. I have often thought of making 1000 pyramids. Shouldn't be too hard ...

  2. Congratulations on sticking to Scrap Attack list through out the year. I have failed miserably on this one. My mission for the triangles was for a box full (overflowing actually) of triangles and the challenge was to do something with it. But nothing got done. I'll wait and see how you will use your triangles newly made triangles. Maybe inspiration will spur me into action in 2019. ;^)


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