Saturday, December 8, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 49

Welcome to Week 49 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  The year is coming to a close and the RSC Quilters are working hard to  finish up their 2018 rainbow scrappy projects.

Me?  I'm working on finishing up a few other projects.  My RSC projects have been put on hold.  Here's what went on this week...

SUNDAY - The 3 Musketeers gathered for a day of sewing at Needleb's house.  I concentrated on getting the last of my niece's T-shirts stabilized prior to squaring them up.  DONE!!

Mt. Washmore greeted me when I got back from a stop at the grocery store on my way home.  Three loads later, I was headed off to bed.

MONDAY - It was a LONG day today!  I went up to the sewing room when I got home, but only THOUGHT about quilting.  Couldn't bring myself to sit down to sew.  Instead, I plopped down in my reading chair and spent some time at the computer enjoying all of the lovely quilts my RSC blogging friends (and others) posted about over the weekend.  I also stopped my Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Monday Link-Up #2 for her Good Fortune quilt, currently in process.

I released another (somewhat late) Sew Some Love Sunday post.  It slipped my mind last night, but really couldn't wait for next weekend, as it holds some time-sensitive information.

And then...

My long day turned into a sad day.

Crazy Mom Quilts released a post about changes ahead.  Amanda Jean is one of my top three Scrap Quilting Goddesses.  I knew that she had taken a fair amount of time away from the blog this year, but...  Go read the post, if you haven't seen it.  :o((

TUESDAY - As if I didn't buy enough at the grocery store on Sunday, I went back to get the list of items that suddenly appeared upon my return the other day.  Strange how that happens...

I released a new Scrap Attack post.

WEDNESDAY - Knit Group proved rather unproductive today.  A couple of us did get our fingers and toes done in holiday brights, though!  :o))

That shopping thing?  It happened again today.  Ugh!!  I must be subconsciously preparing for the holidays.

I released a new Wonderful Wednesday post.

THURSDAY - "Weekly" Quilt Group hasn't been a "thing" for me lately.  Today, the blog editor was absent.


My plan was to run by for a few photos.  Sweet!  That actually happened.


I was rewarded with scraps from Ruth S:

Thanks, Ruth!  I already sorted them and put them away.  :o))

FRIDAY - Another week has come and gone.  The weekend is on the horizon.  Date night with DH and ... finished the week.

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day!!!  Angela encourages us to USE our scraps.  She blogs over at So Scrappy and has joined in the finishing fun.  Go see the quilts!

I'll catch up with you later.  I've got to make a quick trip to Raleigh to take care of some things.  I hope your weekend is SEW special.

Until next time...


  1. I wish you a scrappy week end with plenty of sewing time. ;^)

  2. I like your baskets of scraps in the first photo - that looks like a great way to store them! I'm sad about Amanda Jean's news, too. I've gotten a lot of inspiration from her blog over the years - and learned a lot from her, too!

  3. I was sad to read about Amanda Jean too. I have enjoyed her blog nearly forever!

  4. It is sad to see Crazy Mom Quilts ending. So many beautiful scrap quilt ideas. What a busy week. Glad you are seeing the end of the the prep work on the t-shirt quilt. That is the hardest part, but so worth it.

  5. Like you, I’m sad that Amanda Jean won’t be power blogging anymore. We will all miss her! As usual, you had a busy week. But look at the bright side - it’s one week closer to Christmas!! LOL


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