Saturday, December 22, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 51

Welcome to Week 51 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week, I've been busy with holiday sewing and parties.  That doesn't leave much time for scrappy sewing.  :o((

I'll take you through my week, anyway...

SUNDAY - Mt. Washmore demanded my attention.  Also on the agenda, catching up on random blog work.

MONDAY - It's Quilt Guild night.  The Holiday Pot Luck was yummy and there was a chance to win a special prize for attendees.  That is, IF you had paid your 2019 dues before the drawing!  I didn't win the prize, but I was still a winner.

Thank you to my friend Diane who was kind enough to bring me a bag of her fabric scraps.  Always a treasure:

Guess what?  A package was waiting for me when I got home!

Look what my good friend Sue made for me:


Check out the Good Fortune pics at for Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link-up, Part 4.  It's always interesting to see the variety of color options from around the globe.

TUESDAY - Another evening away from home.  It happens, on occasion.  A festive occasion, it was.  The ladies of our Girls Night Out group met for a gift exchange:

WEDNESDAY - Knit Group met this morning.  Playing with mini skeins kept me busy.  In arranging, I accidentally came up with Christmas tree made of yarn:

I had a hair appointment this afternoon.  By the time that was done, I was relieved that I could enjoy an evening in.  There are precious few days left before the BIG gift giving day.  I've still got a LOAD of gifts to make!  Must. Sew. FASTER!!!

THURSDAY - My Weekly Quilt Group met this morning.  I had hoped to make it there.  At least, for a little while.

It happened!  I was there to take photos of Jean's (Machine Embroidered) Christmas Tree Challenge.  A bunch of us cheated by pooling our trees to create ONE special gift for the issuer of the challenge!  Our hostess brought in cardboard to "beef up" her own dining table for the BIG reveal:

We called Jean in and the quilt stopped her in her tracks:

"How did you do this?", she wanted to know, since it was made to fit her very own dining room table.  An absolutely HUGE round one:

Jean was stunned.  Her reaction was that of total disbelief:

(Most of the) Challenge participants with the recipient:

A couple of us passed out gifts.  Mine was edible.  Jean's was not.  No photos of either of them, but...

Here's a little rainbow love for my RSC friends for the week:

FRIDAY - The weekend has arrived and Friday Night Sew-In is on the agenda for the evening.  Last minute holiday sewing kept a number of machines buzzing.  Another round of gift sewing occupied a portion of my evening:

SATURDAY - It's time for Angela's LINK PARTY!!  You'll find it over on her So Scrappy blog.  There may be a rainbow of finishes, as the year draws to a close.

I leave you, just a few days before Christmas, with the lovely card that arrived in today's mail from Linda at Art in Search blog:

Thank you, Linda, for sharing this beautiful card with me!  It is with great pleasure that I will add it to my collection of two.  Your artwork is just lovely!  YOU can read about her process in THIS blog post.  If I correctly assessed the 100 that were made, I am the proud recipient of card number 90.  :o))
Until next time...


  1. The little gift from Sue is so cute. That is a HUGE tree skirt. Great job! Love the little rainbow boots. ;^)

  2. What a busy week! I am settling in and think I'll get a few hand stitches in tonight while watching Wizzard of OZ all by myself (well, all 3 cats and the 2 guinea pigs are keeping me company!) as everyone else is fast asleep in bed after a day at Grandma's.

  3. So much rainbow happiness! Love those boots.

  4. The boots!!!!
    You leave me breathless every week! So so busy!
    Hoping you can stop, take a breath, and enjoy all the holidays. Hugs!


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