Saturday, January 26, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC19 - Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of the 2019 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I made a serious effort to actually SEW some of my RED scraps this week.  And... It worked!!!

You may need to follow a link to discover what became of them, but I did sew some of these RED scraps for thRSC:

Here's how I passed my time during the past 7 days...

SUNDAY - Quilting with a side of laundry.  Today I got half of a client quilt done.  I'm hoping to finish it up tomorrow.  Beyond that, I am looking forward to Carla's Black and White Blog Hop over on Creatin' in the Sticks.  It starts tomorrow.

MONDAY - Day ONE of the Black and White Blog Hop!

Boy, oh, boy!  I didn't realize how BIG the Blooming 9-Patch Quilt was, until I loaded it and used FOUR bobbins by the mid-point!  I wound two more for today AND had to wind two MORE before it was completely done.

After the quilt was finished, I decided I better wrap up my project for the Blog Hop.  It was mostly done, except for the quilting and binding.  Oops!  Lucky thing I still have a couple of days left.  :o)) 

TUESDAYDay TWO of the Black and White Blog Hop!  With my post partially written and my project complete, I had a "What If" moment.  Come back Thursday to see what I've been up to tonight!

WEDNESDAYDay THREE of the Black and White Blog Hop!  It seems that THREE projects for my BWBH post wasn't enough.  I got a wild hair and went with my favorite POP! color.  All will be revealed tomorrow and it will include a drawing - not the pen and paper version of the word, either.  :o))

THURSDAYDay FOUR of the Black and White Blog Hop!  Today, I released MY POST.  Instead of only using Black and White, I opted to throw in a bit of the rainbow.  Please take a look, if you have time for a quick-ish visit.  Here's a teaser.  You should be able to spot a TINY bit of RED in the photo below:

FRIDAY - It's supposed to be family pizza night, but I've got other plans.  I'm headed next door for an evening of FUN!!

OK. okay!  In case you didn't visit my Blog Hop post, here is another shot of the RED scraps that I played with this week:

NOTE:  If Suze is reading this (or if you know her in real life), my response to your lovely comment wasn't able to be delivered.  Your email account is FULL!!!  :o((

  SATURDAY - The weekend is here and that means I'll be headed over to So Scrappy for this week's Rainbow Scrap Challenge LINK PARTY.  Join me for some RED scrap surprises and among them, you will find this one...

The Tall Quilted Thread Catcher that I made this week:

Until next time...


  1. Love that you scrap catcher fits your coffee cup. I love tall cups like that. Those little pops of color really catch my eye! It's been another busy and productive week for sure.

  2. I did click on your B&W post and enjoyed all the black and white baskets you made with just a pop of color! I spied some penguins with red bowties in both posts! :) Cute!

  3. Whew! lots of sewing going on! Isn't it great that the Rainbow scrap challenge keeps you motivated?

  4. I love that penguin fabric ;) And your Thread Catcher too!

  5. I'm so glad that you had such a fun and productive week! I managed to sew red crumb blocks for RSC, but am still dithering on the rest of my blocks! Oy. I'll probably decide when February's color comes out, and do two colors at once :)


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