Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday - Q1 - APQS Owner's Group

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  A couple of weeks ago I was able to attend my local(ish) APQS Owner's Group meeting in Raleigh at Thread Waggle Quilting.

We learned about upcoming opportunities for personal and professional growth, what's happening at APQS,  and had all of our technical questions answered.  With the "business" out of the way, we enjoyed a delicious lunch (delivered from Jason's Deli), and viewed an array of quilts from the APQS owner's who were assembled.

Most of the 12 quilters gathered around the table had remembered to bring some Show and Tell...

Nora made a quilt for her grandson:

Mack (Sorry, Carolyn! He steals the show.) Told about their recent move from Wilmington after the hurricane(s) this Fall and shared the first quilting that he's done in MONTHS.  This Donation Quilt:

Veronica has been busy with these two bright and cheerful quilts:

John Flynn's diagonal backing method (I've included a link to a pdf from Jinny Beyer.) was used on this quilt:

Sarah practiced a new technique:

Borders were quilted using Quilt Path:

Chris shared a completed quilt made with freezer paper pieced circles.  I believe it was quilted with the Splat panto:

She also brought one that still needs quilting:

Here, everyone weighed in on the color to use:

Edie had not one...

... Not TWO...

But three Charity Quilts...

This is a close-up of that last one:

Edie also had a UFO to show:

Wonderful job, Edie:

Leslie had a masterpiece to share.  When she started quilting, she promised to quilt a quilt for each of the members of her Quilt Bee.  This is the LAST!!  Leslie used Quiltazoid for the quilting on this quilt.  Unfortunately I experienced a bit of technical difficulty:

Vickie hid quilted feathers in this Donation Quilt:

This is a shot of the back:

Here is a closer look at her fabulous feathers:

Stephanie has been working on a shop sample:

I believe Angela quilted this one:

Jennifer told us a story about a stencil...

Showed us a quilt...

And gave us a closer look at not one...

But TWO stencils that she and her friend designed:

YOU can order them from The Stencil Co.:

They each have different angles to mark for centering designs:

Sally brought Beauty and the Beast, circa 1990:

This was NOT machine quilted:

It is 9 FEET long, with fabric from fans all over the world:

The back is covered with signatures and the story of the quilt:

While not involved in the Fan Club, Beauty and the Beast used to be one of my favorite TV shows.  Sally graciously offered me a post card which included the story of the quilt:

Jennifer remembered that she forgot to share the Tommy Bahama quilt she made with a friend:


I then showed a photo of my completed Tie Quilt, since the APQS group had heard about it, but hadn't seen it:

Thank you, Angela, for taking time out of your busy schedule for us all to get together.

Until next time...
Strive for SEW much fun!!!


  1. So many lovely quilts! Your description of the people is as good as the pictures and reminds me of some of the people in the guild I used to be in. You've got some really talented people in your group.

  2. I love the bravery of the quilter who used the bright yellow, orange, and orange/red fabrics. There were lots of other great quilts there, too! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Great Tour de Quilts! Thanks for sharing all your photos :)

  4. Lots of inspiration here. Love Veronica's bright orange quilt. Wow!
    I had no idea there was a Beauty and the Beast quilt. It looks awesome! I love, love, love your tie quilt. GOOORRRRGEEEOUS!! ;^)


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