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A Gift From Me - 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Runner/Topper Challenge

Wishing you...

... In all you do!  (Door hanger was a gift from my friend Tiffany.)

Introducing to the 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge here at The Joyful Quilter!!  I really enjoyed my Quilted Basket Challenge with Judy @ Busy Hands are Happy Hands.  Next year, I thought of doing the table runners that I didn't make this past year!

Discussions with several blogging friend ensued...

Nov. 24, I wrote:

I made a list of potential table runner designs for our 2021 challenge. I'm also setting up a chart for the minimum and maximum size requirements for the four tables that are in line to receive the fruits of my labor. Originally, I thought I'd make them all the same in the QAYG style. I'm thinking that might be rather boring over the course of the year so I took some time to search out other patterns and tutorials that I've seen. I wrote them down so I wouldn't forget!

Deb Aylward

Tue, Nov 24, 1:40 PM (9 days ago)
to me
Awesome! I have put some sticky notes into a couple of books as possible ones on top of a few 'ideas' I have for other ones.

J Mur

Tue, Nov 24, 2:12 PM (9 days ago)
to Deb
Ack! I actually have a table runner book that I didn't even THINK about checking for ideas!! I just added another one from YouTube and I'm up to 15 ideas. Oops! It sounds like some months will have to have multiple projects on the go.
Later, I contacted Judy:

Dec. 1
If you are up for it, 2021 is going to be the year of the Table Runner/Table Topper. Are you in?! Deb from Happy to be Scrappy has agreed to be in on the game. What say you? Honestly, even a Mug Rug can qualify as a topper for a small table!


On 12/3, Judy wrote the following:

J Mur

11:27 PM (2 minutes ago)
to Judy
Yay!! I'm SEW glad that you will be joining in the 2021 Table Runner/Table Topper Challenge! It will be a monthly, following the colors of the RSC. Whatever pattern(s) you want to do. Strippy, QAYG, charm squares, crumbs, or something more elaborate. Anything goes! Like I said before,even a mug rug can count for a (really small) table topper, as I know there are several tables in our house that couldn't readily accept anything larger.
A couple of weeks later, I was talking to LeeAnna...

She was also interested in participating.  A focus for her Rainbow Scrap Challenge efforts is good thing.  Full of questions, LeeAnna wanted to know the particulars of the Table Runner Challenge.


As you saw, I mentioned it to Deb @ Happy to be Scrappy and we decided that we will be doing a Table Runner Challenge throughout 2021.  Judy is in for the upcoming challenge, as well.  When LeeAnna found out about it, she wanted in, too.  I am SEW excited!!  What about you?!  Read on, if you need some focus for the year and are motivated by challenges. 

The Requirements...

I often feel my creativity is drained/constrained by too many limitations.  Plus, like most of us, I have a variety of sizes of tables to cover.  The primary recipient of many a table runner is the dining room table.  That being said, my living room coffee table will be the main focus for my efforts (as dust won't be quite so apparent on a quilted table runner as it is on a clear glass topped table.)

However, not everyone has space for a coffee table, but we all have random smaller tables that might like to be graced with a quilted table topper.  No more naked end tables or side tables!  Those will be included in the parameters of the challenge.

In the interest of fairness to ALL tables, the rules will also include mug rugs.  I know it's a stretch from the standard table runner, but  those of us who live in small homes may not have use for a larger quilted runner or topper.  I just happen to have a tall, but tiny, table sitting in the foyer of our home.  It needs some attention, too!

Anything goes...

No certain technique will be required, but you are welcome to add your own design rules to add to your own personal challenge.  (Themes? seasonal, colors, blocks, etc.)

If it fits your table, it fits the Challenge.

Any technique will be acceptable.  (Applique, pieced, QAYG) 

What qualifies???

Any quilted table covering, be it runner, topper, placemats, candle mat, or mug rug.

The rules...

1. RSC Quilters should incorporate the Color of the Month!!  Others are invited to join in, as well.  Write a separate post or add it to the one you write for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

2. Link-up with the Challengers here on The Joyful Quilter on the LAST Saturday of the month to share your quilted table dressings.

3. Tell us about any further "rules" that you set for yourself.  These can be all encompassing or change as the months go by.


You can thank LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color for suggesting that we come up with a cute name for the Challenge.  Here's hoping Wendy @ The Constant Quilter won't mind that I borrowed the name of one of her latest quilts!  :o))

She also suggested adding a resource list for you.  Here are some of my favorite for table coverings:

1. Skinny Quilts & Table Runners by Eleanor Levie

2. Jordan Fabrics on YouTube (More ideas HERE)

3. Shabby Fabrics on YouTube (For Seasonal Table Runners)

4. Skinny Quilts by Kim Schaefer (Click the FREE Sample button for a preview of the book.)

I'll be creating a TABLE SCRAPS tab at the top of the page for ease of reference.

Would YOU like to join the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge, too???

Leave a comment with your blog link to sign-up for the Challenge and start making those quilted table coverings!  Non-bloggers are welcome to email a photo of their entries to share here on The Joyful Quilter and Instagram users can link to @thejoyfulquilter using the tag #tablescrapstrtchallenge when posting participating projects.

Until next time...
No more naked tables!!!


  1. Love the Table Scraps challenge, especially in tandem with Colour of the month ...

  2. Love this idea! I don’t do table runners but have many other shapes and sizes of tables that could use some decorating!!!

  3. Hehehe... so if I cover all surfaces I don't need to dust? Love it! Of course you know I am all in.... between the books, Pinterest and blogs there will be plenty of inspiration.

  4. I don't want to dust anymore either - I would like to join

  5. Covering all horizontal surfaces with quilted items is my goal in life - so of course I want to join in! Thanks for a fun idea, Joy! Merry Christmas!

  6. I love this idea. I had already decided that my tables as well as the tables of my family need to be covered. That will be a fun way to get Christmas gifts made throughout the year. Sorry, I don't have a blog, but still want to participate.

  7. Good challenge-very tempting. Table runners are manageable in size!

  8. ty for this challenge especially do RSC

  9. This fits my plan for next year, so count me in.

  10. And you know I’m in! Love the Table Scraps! ❤️ Who hoo, more friends, more fun!

  11. Lookie here!!! LOts of people joining in your fun party!!!!
    it's almost next year... LeeAnna

  12. No blog here, but I might just just play along and post pics to my Instagram account.

  13. I'm gonna give this a try too. I had planned to make candle mats of some kind for the family members gift bags. or maybe a set of place mats. whatever temps me at the time.

  14. I'm laughing because I seldom finish ANYTHING - so what the heck, sign me up! I'll be able to show off my two and a half blocks and seven possible setting fabrics being auditioned. -grin-

  15. Count me in! Table runners are something I always intend to make but never get to. Maybe this challenge will get me inspired. No blog, but can post to instagram.

  16. I'm going to give this a try, Joy! I know I have lots of scraps and can at least make a small table runner or definitely a mug rug! I saw your first color is pink, and I do have pink scraps!! Thanks for the challenge. Songbird Designs will be scrapping along with you!! Sign me up!!

  17. I always seem to make fall or Christmas table runners so am in desperate need of them for other months. Count me in, although I may concentrate on Holidays and Seasons rather than a particular color every month!

  18. This sounds like fun! As I put the leaves in the dining room table this Christmas, I really wished I had other table runners for it. This is the perfect motivation to turn that wish into reality.

  19. This does sound challenging. I have so many plans already for the year, but they do include two or three tablecloths and at least one table runner and one table topper - so I guess I'm in!

  20. Sounds like a perfectly fun challenge. I’m in!
    Carol Andrews

  21. Well, I was thinking of making placemats or buffet (table) toppers in order to use up small batting pieces that are too small for Frankenbatting for quilts. So...

  22. Yes! I'd love to join! Table runners, toppers and mug rugs are what I love to create the most as I can crank them out much more quickly than large quilts. I'm thinking a lovely pink runner would be perfect to have ready for February's Valentine decorating!

  23. Clearly I'm in as one of my RSC projects (decided upon before I had any idea you were working on this) involves quilted utility mats/runners for our living room tables, hearth, and cedar chest (coffee table substitute).

  24. You are so funny... "naked tables" LOL
    This is a fun addition to my RSC adventures!

  25. There goes my resolution NOT to start anything new this year until I've cleared my UFO's! Some of my place-mats will be repurposed from the UFO's: a compromise. [No dusting will be a bonus]
    SEW, I'm in!

  26. May not be able to participate each & every month but I'm definitely in for PINK! I've got a pink UFO table runner that I'd love to finish and this would be the perfect excuse.

    Knitty Quilter here at

  27. I like table runners too! No coffee table, and probably none for end tables but I can definitely use Mug Rugs too. It will be fun especially since I have several books about or with a few table runners. Let's go pink!

  28. I’m going to join these rainbow scrap challenges this year- I certainly have enough scraps. I think for the table topper one I will play around with different blocks and designs . I have a round dining table which will be a challenge on its own.
    Maybe I will even learn to ( link up- and do something with my blog.
    For the RSC21 challenge I’m thinking about making log cabin blocks each month- the number of scraps for each color will dictate how big they are and how many. It’s going to be fun!

  29. Looking forward to participating. While I don't have the scraps you do, I certainly have a stash to bust through.

    Quilting with Corgis:

  30. I think I'll give this a try. I am trying to get through some of my UFO's and this will give me an incentive for at least a couple of them. And of course there are several hops on the horizon.

  31. I’ll give it a go. I just bought a heap of go cutter dies so this could be a great way of trying them out.

  32. Hmm - sounds fun. If I can just get one finished that will be a good goal for me though. Count me in. : )

  33. I’ve been trying to get at least one table topper a season done, but this looks like fun and good inspiration!

  34. This is perfect. Now that my Christmas table runner is put away for the year, my dining room table is bare (except for the dust). Thanks for the inspiration. I haven't written a blog post since June, but this will be fun.

  35. I don't know if I'll make it every month, but I'd like to try anyway. =) And I have virtually NO tables to cover ... but I do have friends!

  36. No more Naked Tables! Awesome!

  37. Well, I may be overly optimistic but I will give it a try! I just set up a blog for posting my sewing and baking, so here I go!

  38. Jumping in halfway thru to find a home for my " trial " blocks!
    They are piling up and I know a Meals on Wheels crew that would love to have some more placemats to hand out! Thank you for setting this up!


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