Saturday, December 5, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 49

Welcome!!  It's transition week for the RSC.  We don't have to wonder what the new Color of the Month will be, as our hostess outlined this month's color when she announced the 2020 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  What a challenge it is, too!  At least for me.

SUNDAY - This morning a new Sew Some Love Sunday post went live.  My day was filled with an extended grocery processing session, followed by loading the next Lutheran World Relief quilt on the frame:

This afternoon...

 I finished the gusset on my 2nd sock:

I also enjoyed the Snazzy Stitched Portraits class with Carol Ann Waugh on Craftsy:

MONDAY - Here is a preview of what I was working on all afternoon, in case you missed the post that I wrote up late this evening:

TUESDAYJust as the clock struck midnight, I released a new edition of Tidy Up Tuesday.

Those of us who are still working on the Color of the Month will be switching over to DARK Neutrals today...

... But I'm ready for some...

Multi-mania!!!  :o))

Multi-colored prints, that is.  Here is what I have to work with:

I'm SEW excited!  When I was thinking about what I'd to make, I had a really good idea.  Now, I just have to put that plan into action!

This afternoon, I quilted up C#1 LWR:

After dinner, I finished up the post that a number of you have been waiting for.  Check out the new Tutorial Tuesday post:

- Drop-off and pick-up with Carol on this cold December morning:

This afternoon, I ran some errands...

I picked up some fabric at my friend Joanna's house:

Dropped off some fabric with Needleb for binding:

Picked up a quilt at Candy's

During the middle of the afternoon, I started the loading process of the quilt Carol delivered...

... And took some time to play in my (darker) DARK Neutral scraps:

Zooming with LeeAnna was on the agenda for the late afternoon:

THURSDAY - Ten quilting friends met on the worldwide web for ZoomBEE this morning.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a group photo when the last two members joined the meeting:

Picture Britt and Linda here.  :o))

In the early afternoon, Knittingsuek stopped by for a grocery exchange and a brief chat:

Then it was time to rock and roll on Carol's quilt:

After dinner, I finished up the quilting:

The morning began with ZoomKNIT...

Followed by a brief visit from Carol to pick up the quilt she dropped off the other day.  Yes.  That IS the fastest turnaround time EVER!!!

The afternoon found me handing over Nancy's quilt that I finished before Thanksgiving.  Good news!  She'll be back soon with another quilt for me to longarm for her:

While I had hoped to work on my DARK Neutral project this evening, I found the need to switch my focus to preparing my studio for the Zoom Retreat that I am attending tomorrow.  My sewing...

 And quilting stations are SEW much neater now:


I gathered several projects to work on during the retreat.  Sorry!  No photos of those tonight.  The longarm has been laid with another Lutheran World Relief quilt that I hope to load onto the rails tomorrow:

SATURDAY - Well, that's a wrap on another week.  Can you believe that it's LINK PARTY time already?!  I'm looking forward to visiting all of the RSC Quilters.  I'll head over to Angela's So Scrappy blog after today's Zoom Retreat with Carole @ From My Carolina Home blog.

There will a brief intermission this afternoon to pass along a quilt back that Needleb needs for the LWR Mission Quilt dropped off to her the other day, but I apparently missed the shutter release button when taking the photo.  :o((

Until next time...
Get SEW scrappy!!!


  1. Busy week! Looking forward to trying the basket tutorial.

  2. Yikes, you really keep moving. Glad you can do so much and keep in touch with people.

  3. I "spoke" with Carole and am hoping to be on her next retreat. Not this Thursday, but the first one in the new year. How fun was the retreat you attended?

  4. Enjoy the multi-crazy-colored fabric. ;^)

  5. always busy!! I need your mask pattern, I like the way it fits your face

  6. That is the most fun color for socks! I think they'll make you smile every time you wear them, Joy. You have amazing energy for the LWR quilts - so impressive!

  7. You were a quilting hurricane blowing through your week! Great work-nice to get a glimpse of your days!

  8. And here I was proud of myself for getting a load of laundry done this week... I dunno how you keep up this level of energy! You go!

  9. It is always a pleasure to read your blog. Your energy amazes me. You are most definitely a blessing to so many.


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