Friday, December 11, 2020

Design Floor Friday - A Very 2020 Christmas

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  This week I did a bit of DARK Neutral sewing.  Not just any old sewing...  More improv sewing from the Craftsy class that I took in October with Suzy Williams of Suzy Quilts.

It started with an idea and a little stack of  scrap fabric:

The plan...

Using the Unconventional Lines lesson from Sewing Mojo Minis patterns found HERE.  I planned to combine DARK Neutral scraps with Christmas prints.  A pop of red going one way and a touch of green going the other would be just enough to give this moody little mini a bit of a holiday flare.

I plucked out a few of my favorite black and gray fabrics:

Then began designing on the fly with a handful of short strips:

Sewing followed:

Then I started again with the longer strips:

The panel of shorter strips needed additional length (or would that be width?) added before being joined to the other section:

The longer strip panel waited:

And then the two were merged into one:

The piece was layered and pinned for quilting:

Black thread on the DARK Neutral strips...

... A few lines of green thread on the green pieces...

... And red thread on the strongest accent strip before I could move on to choosing a binding fabric:

This scrap was the obvious choice:

Be careful when trimming threads.  Disaster struck...  

I was using a different pair of scissors than normal and snipped the binding along with the threads:

Since this was a wall hanging and wouldn't be washed (paired with the fact that the cut bit was mostly tucked into the fold), I left it:

Here is the finished piece, hanging in the kitchen:

Whoops!  It's a little bit crooked:

In case you'd like a closer look...

... Or maybe you'd like another perspective:

Even though I designed it as in the last photo, no worries about which way is "right side up"!  I'm sure it will be turned a different direction each time I hang it up (because that's how I roll.)

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  1. Oh, that's neat! I love the pops of red and green amid the darker bits. Nice finish, Joy!

  2. That is really neat! Great little mini-quilt for this year!

  3. That’s a brilliant idea to use dark scraps with Christmas colors. So cute!!!

  4. That is really cute! I even have that green fabric and the binding fabric in my stash. I have had that same issue before clipping some thread.

  5. What a relaxing project--nice look hanging on your wall!

  6. Is that a modern take on the night before Christmas? It's lovely! ;^)

  7. I like the mini quilt. Especially the red strip - really added a nice accent.

  8. I love this little piece! It's mysterious AND Christmassy :)


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