Monday, October 26, 2020

Mini Monday - {I've got} Rhythm - A Mojo Mini Finish

Welcome to another edition of Mini Monday!!  A couple of weeks ago, I took a super fun Craftsy class.  I shared my interim finish HERE.  This post is to share the result of that adventure.  Oh, and was it an adventure!

It began innocently enough...

I watched the class as I worked on one of my YELLOW projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

This single arc...

... Grew into a project that refused to let me stop...

Until it was layered...

... And DONE:


Done to a point, as the edges were still raw and I hadn't decided if I would bind it or frame it:


It was complete enough to give my mind a break, so that I could concentrate on some other projects.

I was finally able to focus on a time-sensitive client quilt:

A pretty little UFO donation quilt:

A quilted basket project for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:


A gift quilt that was months overdue:

Once all of those items had been checked off my list, I was able to return to the frame or bind question.  You can see a couple of the binding selections I tried in the photo below:

Thanks to a conversation with LeeAnn, I considered alternative binding options and decided to go with a fused binding, since I only had a small chunk of the scrap I ultimately chose to use:

Special thanks to Suzy Williams @ Suzy Quilts for offering such an such an energizing approach to modern mini quilt making.  While the class I took was offered through Craftsy, YOU can purchase the pattern bundle as a download HERE on Suzy's website.  You'll be able to make your own version of the design using her hints and tips.  Bonus:  She also provides video tutorials with the pattern purchase.

Here it is, doing duty as this month's Kitchen Quilt:

Whoops!!  It looks like it might need some additional quilting.

One last picture because the LAST Black-eyed Susan is STILL blooming:

Sharing with Cynthia


With Sandra @ MmmQuilts
This was TOTALLY a DrEAMI project!!!

Until next time...
DONE is SEW good!!


  1. It's been fun to see how your improv mini progressed! Fused binding sounds like an interesting technique - I've never heard of it. Glad you found something that worked for you!

  2. Great projects and fun to see them come together! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Cute finish! I've never heard of fused binding before. Gotta go search on that to learn about it :)

  4. if it's a kitchen quilt it must be a pizza oven

  5. You definitely had a productive week. I was thinking your new mini looked like a tunnel through a mountain. Congrats on getting in some fun play with all the other "have to dos".

  6. Lovely yellows! I am 3 months behind in my RSC now. (frown) You have made great progress

  7. OH totally a DrEAMi! I love those kinds especially and you described it so well, "complete enough to give my mind a break' LOL been there! It looks great with the last Black-eyed Susan! Thank you for linking up with DrEAMi!

  8. What a week of being busy & fitting in that lovely squirrel. Well done. Take care & stay safe.


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