Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday - Fabric Play - Rhythm Style

... A Sewing Mojo Mini

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week I'm here to share a class project from the Craftsy class that I took this past weekend.  I don't know how YOU surf for potential online quilting classes to take, but I like to select QUILT and click the BROWSE button.  This brings up a multitude of courses to watch with my Craftsy Unlimited membership (purchased during a smoking hot discount offer!)

So far, I've watched (parts of) TEN classes in the three weeks since enrolling in an annual membership subscription.  Of those, Fabric Play: Sewing Mojo Minis with Suzy Williams is one of my favorites.  Suzy's class was also the one that inspired me to actually SEW.  :o))

The course is broken down into four art lesson based mini quilts:

Unconventional Lines

The lessons build on one another, but...

After watching the entire class (several times), I went to look for a YELLOW scrap chunk (because that's the RSC Color of the Month) to begin my mini quilt based on Suzy's Rhythm lesson:

I went with complete improv. No drawn pattern and no tick marks as a guideline.  It was just me, my rotary cutter, and a basket of YELLOW scraps:


That's how it started, but something happened on the way to a completed design:

That floral focus fabric decided that it wanted to bring in some brown, along with some unconventional lines:

Then I went a LITTLE crazy with the unconventional lines:

Later, those got reorganized...

... And added to...

... Including the additional of some negative space:

I can't even tell you how many times I repositioned the various pieces and parts of the design...

... Before finally arriving at something that said, "Hey!  It's time for the sewing to begin."  Yes...

... The sewing...  Because I skipped Suzy's glue bit, too:

When I was ALMOST done with the sewing...

I realized that I had forgotten all about adding the batting before stitching.  Oops!!!  I fixed that and stitched down the last line, as well as, a line of stitching around the perimeter:

This is my completed piece in the last bit of light before darkness fell.  It's shown just thrown on the sidewalk with the last Blackeyed Susan of the season (still in bloom) with a promise of a better photograph in the morning:

As promised, another photo this morning.  Here is my Rhythm class project with the only remaining clump of Dee Dee's (8 - 10 ft. tall) Mexican Sunflowers:

Sharing with Kelly
My Quilt Infatuation

Until next time...
Adventure awaits at the bottom of a scrap basket!!


  1. And here I thought you were making a beehive at the beginning of the post. Very cool process became a lovely piece!

  2. That is really neat, Joy! I love how you played with the colors and shapes, moving things around until you liked what you had. Sounds like an interesting class!

  3. Fun! It reminds me of an old fashioned radio or jukebox with that curved shape and wood brown colors :)

  4. I love improv quilting and your piece came out great! Wonderful!

  5. Fun mini and lovely warm colours, very autumnal! The Mexican Sunflowers are beautiful, they look like daisies.


  6. Cute mini! Makes me think “beehive”! I’m tickled to have a piece of the yellow crosshatch fabric. Part of it will be in a geese migration block and the leftover piece will either be in a Bright Birches block or maybe in my first ever Ticker Tape wall hanging!
    I have the crosshatch fabric in blue! I love the fabric connections.

  7. Love your improv and especially taking so many pictures as you went. FYI -- glue is really helpful to hold lots of little pieces down. I'm doing a landscape and some of the elements I've glued down and others are waiting to be glued. I don't think I would dare to move it without the glue! I only use a little bit.


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