Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sew Some Love Sunday - LWR - Square Selection {Round Four}

Kits for The Minions
(Er... Kits for my Quilt Bee friends)

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!
  Welcome to Minion Madness.  :o))

With three quilts (144 squares) already in process, I was still left with the 356 squares shown in the photo below:

Given the time it has taken the first three quilters to choose their squares, I think it's time for Plan B.  With that in mind, I took an afternoon to sort the remaining squares by color and print:

Once that was done, I began to began to pull kits together...

First ONE:

Then another:

Kit number THREE:

After those were set, things got a little more complicated:

Much shuffling ensued...

... And lot of counting and a little MORE rearranging...

Before the rest fell into place...

Kit number FOUR:

Number FIVE:

Finally, kit number SIX:

Whew!!  Color me happy to have that task completed:

It was now time to bag them up:

Delivery day...

The rest of the quilters only needed to choose a baggie of squares:


Ruth B:


Carol is almost finished with her first LWR quilt top, so she took squares for another quilt:

Maggie had enough squares in her original bag for TWO quilts.  This will be the second:

Thanks go out to Ruth B, who contributed to the batting fund:

What a relief!!!

Thank you, SEW much, to of all my quilting friends!!!

An extra shout out to Ruth B. and Maggie for their contributions to the Batting Fund.  Thank you, ladies!  With your donations, I believe our Mission Quilt project is all set for batting.

Thanks to the following quilters for pledging to provide a quilt back or two.   Kirsten, Maggie, and Cheryl K., I appreciate your help in making sure some of our LWR tops also have backings!  

Special thanks to Deborah for making a trip into town in order to pick up the kit she reserved:

Only ONE more set of squares remain from Nann's generous supply.  It's reserved for Ruth S.  She will pick it up at the end of the month.

WAIT, Joyful!!!  I want to help, too!!

No worries...  We still need SEVEN additional 70" x 90" to 75" x 95" quilt backs for the quilt top that are currently in the works.  Please leave a comment, if that sounds like something you would be able to provide.

NEW at the top of the blog!!  

I have created a DONATIONS tab with all of the related LWR links, just in case you would like to see the progression of the project.

Until next time...
Bee SEW thankful for friends!!


  1. Great job making cohesive kits out of tons of squares! I haven't made any further progress on basting my LWR quilt...other deadlines loom first. But I'm looking forward to quilting it. And looking forward to seeing the other LWR quilts take shape :)

  2. It looks like plenty of fun work to arrange and organize the colors/prints to go together for each quilt. Well done!


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