Saturday, October 31, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 44

Welcome to Week 44 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  It was another full week here at The Joyful Quilter.  There was a LOT of time spent standing at the longarm this week.

Let's see what else went on...

SUNDAY - Today's Sew Some Love post is a little different, as the minions are still busy working on their LWR Mission Quilts (and I've been busy quilting on client quilts.)

Leaves of Fire is still hanging in front of the Scrap Station.  Love, love, LOVE that thin little YELLOW inner border:

I knit the gusset (and later turned the heel) on my latest pair of socks, but I did something wrong, as it seems overly large for my foot:

MONDAY - This afternoon, I released a new Mini Monday post.  I also did some stitching on a YELLOW project for the RSC:

My next client quilt was ready to be loaded on the longarm, but first I needed to decide on a thread color:

The "puddle" test was next, but none of the colors showed up very well in photographs.  Which thread color would YOU choose???

TUESDAY - It is time for a celebration!!  Check out today's edition of Tidy Up Tuesday.  I'll give you a hint... UFO Club finish.  :o))

This afternoon, I braved my 6 month dental appointment.  Clean teeth?  Hurray!!!  No cavities and my new hygienist didn't hurt me, one bit, so perhaps next time I can check my anxiety at the door.

This evening was my monthly Zoom-y Evening Quilt Bee.  Slim crowd tonight, but still a good visit:

After the meeting, I made progress on this pillow top:

WEDNESDAY - Grocery processing day is NOT my favorite of the week!!  That's why I like to pair it with one of the highlights:

While waiting for the Grocery Fairy to arrive, I processed this bag of scraps from my friend Candy:

That's not trash... It looks like a bag of FUN to me!  Thanks, Candy!!  :o))

But first...

Between groceries and Zoom, I got started on Maggie's quilt:

THURSDAY - While we had planned on meeting in-person today, Mother Nature threw us a curve ball, so ZoomBEE met instead and even that was a bit touch and go:

After lunch, I was back at the longarm, working to finish up this quilt.  Too bad the bobbin ran out 6" before I arrived at the final corner.  Fortunately, I had another partial wound and finished quilting moments before needing to head down to cook dinner:

FRIDAY - How can it be Friday, again?!?!  Wasn't it Monday just yesterday???  Apparently, not, as ZoomKNIT brought these friends together this morning:

This afternoon, I worked to finish up a special gift.  My goal was to have it finished by the end of the month.  I'm getting close:

- It's LINK PARTY day at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  The LAST day of the month has arrived, so this one should have a bunch of wrap-up posts.  I'll meet you over at Angela's So Scrappy blog to peruse the sunny YELLOW scrappy goodness.

Late yesterday afternoon, I finished the project I was working on... a whole day before my (self-imposed) deadline.  It was another UFO that didn't make it on my list for the Fall session of the UFO Club.  I don't know WHAT I was thinking when I made my list!!  :o((

What's that???

Oh, yes, I'll show you what I finished.  Right AFTER it is gifted.  Just kidding!

Here's a preview until the reveal post goes live:

Did you notice??  The last Black-eyed Susan of the season (You know, the one that has been the ONLY ONE STANDING for the past 2 weeks or more!) is beginning to lose its petals.  Summer is well and truly over.  Cold weather can't be far behind.  :o((

Until next time...
Have a SCRAPPY Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Lots of fun going on in your week, Joy! I always think other people's scraps are way more fun than mine! :)

  2. What a fun filled week! So much forward movement on so many projects.

  3. Oh! Candy's scrap bag looks so good. Lots of lovelies in there. Yumm! Love the "Dad's shirt" pillow. Enjoy the weekend. ;^)

  4. that pillow back is just terrific! I love it. When we got rid of one of dh's shirts, I cut away the plackett to keep the buttons and button holes to do pillows with but haven't.
    awe that you said i was highlight! You are too

  5. That looks like a bag full of fun! I'd have picked the third thread down =) Hope your weekend is full of fun things and no tricks (trick or treat....).

  6. You always have such busy and fun filled days! Plus time for stitching of course.

  7. I've never seen a shirt pillow-back before!
    Looks like you had lots of zoomy good fun this week!

  8. Busy week! I would choose the gray/dark taupe thread for that quilt. Which one did you end up using? I've been on a gray thread kick this week...light, dark, variegated. It's such a great neutral :)

  9. That is super cute Halloween fabric in your last photo.

    Maggie's quilt will be so beautiful.


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