Saturday, October 10, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 41

Welcome to Week 41 of the 2020 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  It's YELLOW month at the RSC.  Yay, me!  I even managed to do a bit of sewing with the new Color of the Month.

Join me in a stroll through my week...

SUNDAY - This week's Sew Some Love Sunday post was scheduled to be released.  (Thanks, again, Jasmine!)  What a time saver.  :o))

Bee/Sew Crafty Retreat. Day Three. This came off the wall...

... But there wasn't enough time to do more that stack it up...

... Take group photo, pack up, clean up, and go home:

Britt cut out my new Snowflake mask from my scraps using Tiffany's template. Thanks, B!!
It was an easy sew with no pins required.

MONDAY - Recovery Day!!  It's been a LONG time since my last quilting marathon.  I was exhausted!

I posted my Fall 2020 UFO List.

TUESDAY - Today's BIG adventure:

DS1 bought his first car:

On the home front...

I got a start on my next Quilted Scrap Basket.  The Holiday edition!  While it may not be YELLOW...

It WAS quilted with gold thread.  So Fine 423, if you are interested...

On my longarm!!  It's the smallest piece I've ever loaded on the rails:

WEDNESDAY - It was a busy day of drop-offs from Carol:

I'm sporting the new mask Tiffany made using fabric from my scrap stash.  Thanks, Tif!!

Pick-ups from Candy:


Zooming with LeeAnna:

WHAT?!?!  I showed off a nearly completed UFO quilt?!  Yep!  My niece's baby quilt is almost done.  All that remains is burying the tread tails and adding the pieced label:

After dinner, I finished up my Holiday Scrap Basket:

THURSDAY - ZoomBEE was just the start of my busy day:

Afterwards, Ruth B. stopped by to drop off a quilt:

Tiffany made this mask from beautiful YELLOW fabric gifted by Turid.

Then, I did a little YELLOW sewing...

... And loaded the back of Ruth's quilt on the frame:

The batting and quilt top will have to wait for another day.  The vacuum needs to be run before those two things can happen!

FRIDAY - Cindy was back from the beach, so ZoomKNIT met this morning.  The following 6 knitty friends chatted about a variety of topics:

I left the meeting a little early to greet Maggie...

... Who was dropping off a quilt top.  Later, Deborah stopped by to pick up a quilt kit.  Now, there's only ONE more left in the bag:

You'll hear about that in an upcoming Sew Some Love Sunday post.

While I probably SHOULD have been loading the batting and top of my friend's quilt, I was spending some more time with my YELLOW scraps:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day over on Angela's So Scrappy blog.  Head over for a little dose of sunshine YELLOW quilt projects.  There is sure to be a gracious plenty of them.  :o))

Until next time...
Scrap SEW safely!!!


  1. I spy a yellow mask as well! That top photo is so fun from retreat. Hope you get some stitching in today. Congrats on the baby quilt finish.

  2. man, that first baby quilt is so brilliant!

  3. Your rainbow of strips on the wall is so fun, Joy! Love the holiday scrap basket, too, and all those pretty yellows on your cutting board. Keep sewing, keep sewing! :)

  4. A holiday basket is a great idea! I love your mask wardrobe!

  5. The yellow scraps look happy being trimmed -- just sending you some bloggy love.

  6. Love what you had up on the wall at your crafty retreat, so bright and cheerful. And the holiday scrap bag is so pretty.

  7. What a busy week! I love your Christmas basket and you have made some good progress with lots of yellow scraps! xx

  8. Have fun with those yellow scraps, among all the other (also with yellow!) projects.

  9. Rainbows always make me smile. You’ve had a most productive week.


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