Friday, October 23, 2020

Design Floor Friday - Whoops! - Another Basket

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  It's been quite some time since I've added a post to this series.  Today, I'm here to share the progression of a project that I didn't intend to make this month.  I'm addicted, I tell you!!

Let's review...

Scraps.  I've got SEW many YELLOW fabric scraps:

I decided to sew some into Crumb blocks:

What better project for a bunch of Crumb blocks than a(nother) Quilted Scrap Basket:

I built chunks...

 ... To build rows:

The photo below shows me auditioning a spacer of sorts:

That sashing strip didn't make the cut:

With the rails of the longarm free, I decided to load it before switching out the design board for my next client quilt:

The basket panel was loaded with a scrap of batting and quilted up:

Since there were still a few hours before bedtime, I began the basket construction process and ended up attaching the binding... To the WRONG side of the basket:

Fortunately, I noticed and corrected my error before too many inches!  I did something different this time.  This basket asked for finished interior seams, which looks nice, but I don't see the point of:

Note to self...  Quilter's Dream Poly Select makes for a wonderful quilt, but it's not quite sturdy enough for a Quilted Scrap Basket:

Well, it looks like I owe Judy an apology.  I told her that I wouldn't be making a basket this month.  Sorry, Judy!!  It looks like I actually COULD have participated in another of our Basket Challenges.

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Whooping it up with Sarah (on Friday)

Until next time...
SEW what makes you happy!!


  1. Your basket is darling, but I'm especially intrigued about the batting you used. I've used mostly Hobbs 80/20 since I started machine quilting, based on Harriet Hargrave's glowing endorsement. On a recent heavy custom quilted project (my Spirit Song/Sermon Scribbles quilt), I tried Quilter's Dream Cotton Select on the suggestion of a friend who uses that batting extensively in her long arming business. And I was super disappointed after washing it that it obscured the effect of all my painstaking ruler work with the puckering/crinkling. So I'm on the hunt for another batting that would have little or no shrink and look less different after washing, especially for modern projects where the vintage texture vibe is less desirable. I have these negative ideas in my head about polyester that I know come from experiences with cheap department store comforters from the '80s and '90s... What is the hand/drape of that Quilter's Dream Poly Select like when you use it in a quilt, and how does it launder? You said it's "not quite sturdy enough" for your basket, which is what caught my interest because I would have thought that poly would be stiffer, less malleable than natural fibers. Are there other battings you recommend that work well for you? I have an APQS Millennium like yours. Thanks!

  2. Never say never! Kudos to you for making another basket. I still have to make a first yellow basket. Well, the month's not over yet so ... Enjoy! ;^)

  3. Two baskets this month! Way to go. You are just finishing things up like crazy.

  4. I love your scrap baskets, and this one is happy as can be, Joy! What batting do you usually use to make them sturdier?

  5. Your yellow scraps are particularly sunny! A basket full of summertime will be so welcome as the days get shorter :)

  6. You are can never have too many baskets for scraps! I’ll be trying to get a neutral light and dark one in before the end of 2020! I may have to take my machine to our son’s house.

  7. Oooh, nice yellow basket. It's a basket full of happy! If the batting doesn't make it stand up correctly, do you know what would? Filling it with more yellow scraps! :)

  8. a great addiction tho .. right? and now you are getting all organized!!

  9. Your basket makes me want to play with scraps. It is so bright and cheerful.


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