Saturday, October 24, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 43

Welcome to Week 43 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week was busy.  It felt even busier than my normal busy, if you can believe that.  There was SEW much going on!

Let's have a look...

SUNDAY - I started the week off by releasing a new Sew Some Love post.

Later, I kept busy by working on this UFO:

MONDAY - Today, LeeAnna and I had an impromptu Zoom meeting.  It was short (by our standards), but we had a lovely chat:

Afterwards, I worked on this YELLOW scrappy project...

... And got to work on another UFO:

TUESDAY - This morning, a new edition of Tidy Up Tuesday went live.  After a hour of grocery processing, Knittingsuek stopped by to do a grocery swap and visit for a while:

Oh, and look what came in the mail:

The lovely quilt post card was a thank you from Judy for the YELLOW scraps that I sent for this month's Quilted Scrap Basket.  :o))

And then...

Yep!!  LeeAnna and I enjoyed another Zoom meeting this afternoon:

Afterwards, I added some more quilting to my Rhythm mini:

WEDNESDAY - I forgot to share that I won at Binding Chicken on Sunday.  There was 25" of scrap binding left from the application...

... Which was leftover binding from yet another UFO project.  Too bad I ran out of bobbin 15" before the binding was attached!!  :o((

This afternoon, I took a trip to the post office.  This box and two others were heading out of my house:

After dinner, I worked on the quilt label for my Cat Nap quilt...

... And loaded my next client quilt:

At some point during the day, I posted about my latest UFO Club finish in the latest installment of Wonderful Wednesday.

THURSDAY - ZoomBEE met this morning with these 9 quilting friends in attendance:

I spent the afternoon quilting my friend Maggie's donation quilt which was loaded on the longarm yesterday:

FRIDAY - The weekend is nearly here.  A new Design Floor Friday post went live this morning.  ZoomKNIT met with these lovely knitting friends enjoying a couple of hours together:

A lunchtime, Needleb stopped by...

... To drop off this quilt backing from the SALE order we made online at Thousands of Bolts:

Thanks, B!!!

The afternoon was spent trying to decide on a binding for my Rhythm mini.  Here are a couple of options I found in the scrap bin:

I'd like to finish this over the weekend and I've got one more YELLOW project that I would like to deliver to its recipient by the end of the month.  Wish me luck (as there is another client quilt going on the rails today!)

SATURDAY - Remarkably enough, LINK PARTY day at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge has rolled around, again.  Let's go visit my RSC Quilter friends.  Angela is showcasing our YELLOW projects this month.  I'm guessing there might even be some finishes!

Until next time...


  1. Hi,
    Wow, what a productive week.
    Have a great day!

  2. Busy week! The new quilt on your longarm looks really pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing the Cat Nap quilt, too!

  3. I love ALL your projects, congratulations! I especially like the quilting on the donation quilt, and of course the cat nap!

  4. Look at all that yellow all week long! I like the fabric on the left hand side =). Love that quilt on the frame.... I know I've seen it before but can't remember the name. Very pretty and love the quilting. Happy yellow sewing today.

  5. You've been busy! I love the client quilt on your longarm. So pretty! You've done a great job on your "yellow"! I've only done Zoom once but found it a lot of fun!

  6. I think I need a cat nap after watching what all you've been up to!
    I'm so grateful that we have things like zoom and email, so we can stay connected to people in these isolated times.

  7. I really like the quilting design on Maggie's piece! Ziggety zaggety jaggedies :)

  8. Busy, busy! I checked my settings, and I should show up properly. I didn't change anything. Hope this works.


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