Saturday, December 19, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 51

Welcome to Week 51 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Angela @ So Scrappy is our host.  She encourages us to work through our fabric scraps.  While I chose a block to make each month, I didn't feel the need to make them in neutral colors, which worked out well for longarming as the Holidays approached.  Some of that has been scrappy, too!  :o))

I have been most excited by adding to my collections of small quilts this year.  As you might know, December's Kitchen Quilt is done.  I have made a good start on this month's Gallery Wire Mini and had hoped to finish it this week.

Let's see how that went...

SUNDAY - It was a slow day in Joyful QuilterLand.  Burying thread tails...

... Was followed by meeting with Carol to swap quilts:

More on that in next week's edition of Sew Some Love Sunday.  In the meantime, click HERE for today's post.

MONDAY - I spent the day writing.  Half a dozen blog posts later and it was time to make dinner!  How did THAT happen??

Oh!  That would be because of the THREE HOURS that I spent at the pharmacy waiting for medicine for DS1.  He had an emergency eye doctor visit this morning.  Old cars, rust, and strong winds don't mix well when an eyeball is near.  :o((

TUESDAY - There was SEW much paperwork to catch up on, but this afternoon I loaded the backing...

... Of the Green Christmas quilt:

... And Zoomed with LeeAnna:

WEDNESDAY - Morning was spent preparing for my doctor appointment.  Just after lunch, I swam over to his office.

What did I find???

I found the reception area packed with people more people than I had ever before seen occupying the space!!!  The employees were enjoying their Holiday party.  Whoops!  I sloshed back to my car to wait for their lunch hour (as well as said party) to be over:

An annual physical, two shots (flu and shingles vaccine), and a PAP smear later, I decided that I would console myself with a little tiny taste of yummy frozen custard and a mountain of whipped cream:

This evening, I engaged in a bit of YouTube therapy by watching a new episode from Karen @ Just Get It Done Quilts:

Karen's version the Sugaridoo Bernina QAL

THURSDAY - After the post-immunization fever and chills overnight last night, I had to drag myself up to the studio for ZoomBEE:

Afterwards, I called it a day and went back to bed!!  I was achy and felt miserable.  Even making a quick lunch was out of the question, so DS2 was kind enough to make it for me.  DS2 made dinner (with an assist from DH, who grilled the extra chicken breasts to serve as planned-overs for the weekend.)

FRIDAY - Feeling much improved this morning, I made my way up to the studio for ZoomKNIT:

Stacy joined the three attendees a little later:

When the meeting ended, I finished loading Carol's quilt.  After lunch, quilting commenced.  It was a productive afternoon and I was thisclose to finishing off my friend's quilt...

... When I noticed that a row (or more) of stitches would need to be ripped out before those final stitches could be quilted in:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I'm looking forward to visiting the RSC Quilters to see what everyone has been up to this week.  Won't you join me?

With the week I had...

I only managed a little quilting DARK Neutral quilting:

Better luck NEXT week, Joyful.  :o))

Until next time...
Merry scrapping!!



  1. I definitely think you deserved that frozen custard treat, Joy! No fun on the reaction to the shots. Looks like you're getting lots of long-arming done lately!

  2. Glad you are improved after the “after effects” of your flu shot. We had our before Thanksgiving and both experienced sore arms, but not much else. I need to do the shingles vaccine when we get back home! If “they” are not too busy giving CV-19 vaccinations! I’m looking forward to Table Runner Challenge and time with my machine in the new year!

  3. You have been busy! I hope your vaccine 'responses' are over with by now and that you are feeling back to normal. Hooray for little treats like the frozen custard!

  4. I had to bury threads this week, too. Boring. Sorry about the frog stitching.

  5. Sewing thread ends is never much fun, but very necessary. Do hope you are feeling better now after your vaccinations.

  6. I am glad you are over your reaction to your vaccines. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021 to you and yours.

  7. Such a busy week. I hope that your holiday longarm rush is done soon so that you can relax for a while. So glad you got caught up on all that doctors stuff. Extra treat well deserved after being poked and prodded.

  8. Oh Joy, I hear you on the reaction to that shingles vaccine. It's worth it, though, because my brother had shingles and it was awful. I'm amazed you restrained yourself to just that tiny cup of custard! Hope you get some rest and recovery over the holiday. Looking forward to the year-end post!

  9. Better luck next week, then. You have done so much this year, you deserve a break or two. ;^)

  10. Good grief, you certainly got poked a lot and def deserved a treat. Sounds like you've been a busy person this week, despite not feeling well a day or so.

  11. Glad yo are feeling better! The custard cup looks delicious!

  12. Both vaccines really hit you hard! Glad you are feeling better now and bummer on ripping things out. You did make progress!

  13. Sounds like too much interaction with the Medical Industrial Complex this week! I hope that's the last of it for a while :)


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