Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday and The Zoom-y Quilt Retreat

Welcome another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  On Saturday, I mentioned the event that a friend and I would be attending a virtual quilt retreat. Today, I'm here to share more about our day with Carole @ My Carolina Home and eight quilters from all across the United States (along with one from Canada.)

Pre-Retreat Pep Talk...

Dee Dee and I had our own private Zoom call just before the retreat was schedule to begin.  We talked about what we hoped to accomplish during the day and I showed her how I had straightened up the Scrap Center, my regular "Zoom station"...

 ... Along with the (somewhat) decluttered Project Center area behind the sewing station:

The (Virtual) Quilt Retreat...

I started the morning by preparing binding for a client quilt:

With that done, I moved on to applying it to the back of the quilt:

After that was attached, I moved on to sewing pairs of rows for my niece's wedding quilt:

I enjoyed a brief intermission when Needleb stopped by to drop something off for Knittingsuek, who will drop by sometime this week:

Just before the retreat was scheduled to end... 

... Our hostess took photos of the group, so I captured some shots, too...

... Believe me when I say, it wasn't any easier than it is for me to get a group shot for Quilt Bee:

This is my progress on the wedding quilt.  Pairs of pairs of rows sewn:

I even managed to do some design work for DARK Neutral month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

I was SEW surprised that there was opportunity to being assembly:

Thanks, Carole! I'm SEW glad that I saw your post offering sign-ups for this (virtual) quilt retreat. We all had a productive day:

Post-Retreat Wrap-up...

Dee Dee and I met for a few minutes to decompress:

She shared the quilt that I missed a photo of when she finished it this morning:

Dee Dee sent me a photo of the quilt she completed shortly after the retreat ended:

Once we said goodbye, I went on to stitch the pieces of my latest project for the RSC:

I was SEW excited by the day's progress that I couldn't stop myself from finishing the sock that I've been knitting on for the last couple of weeks, as well:

All that remains is weaving in the ends.  Not my favorite job!

Sharing with Alycia


Whooping it up with Sarah

Until next time...
RETREAT (at home!!!)


  1. This looks like fun! and you got so much done!

  2. A very productive day! I really liked the neutral/reds quilt from Dee Dee--I love that color combo!

  3. What a great way to spend a day. It looks like it was great fun and you got a lot done. I think I need a zoom quilt retreat.

  4. Loads of fun. I really love the look and the colors in the 9-patch quilt.


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