Saturday, December 26, 2020

Scrap Happy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 52

 Welcome to Week 52 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Angela @ So Scrappy is our host.  She encourages us to work through our fabric scraps.  I'm finishing up my 6th year and couldn't be more pleased with the program!  Sometime during the early part of the year, my focus changed.  While I chose a block to make each month, I have been most excited by adding to my collection of Kitchen Quilts and Gallery Wire Minis.  Those, along with my Basket Challenge with Judy @ Busy Hands Are Happy Hands, have kept me SEW busy this year.

There are still more DARK Neutral projects to work through before month's end.  Let's see if I managed to get to them this week...

SUNDAY - The empty swirls (in the top half of this photo) were the aftermath of yesterday's (many) unstitching sessions and there are more of the same to follow:

MONDAY - I was slightly intimidated by the unquilted area between the opposite ends of the quilt, but I managed to fill in the gap:

Once that was done, I decided to do a little something for myself.  (First a shower - even though it was 3:00 in the afternoon - then...) My Gallery Wire quilt was waiting to be completed and it's time for a Mini Monday post:

Tonight is also ZoomGUILD night.  We were entertained by Sacramento, California quiltmaker, Kellie Willey @ Little Quilt Creations and wowed by her methods for making miniature quilts:

After the program, there was a little bit of business and a LOT of prize drawings!  One of those prizes was the Membership Basket for paying your dues ahead of the New Year.  I captured a photo of the lucky winner who (for some reason) looks a lot like me:

TUESDAY - My morning started out with a quilt pick-up:

That was followed by a prize pick-up:

A (phone) chat (free image from Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash) with LeeAnna:

Britt stopped by to drop off a book that I asked to borrow:


Before dinner, I thought I might work on another DARK Neutral project, but found the desire to switch my focus to another quilt instead.  This one is a DARK Neutral UFO that I would like to finish by the end of the year, so I added the formerly missing corners:

WEDNESDAY - It was supposed to be grocery processing day, but DH didn't get a time slot when he completed the order last night.  I'm not bothered, as it left me time to trim the dog ears off yesterday's UFO and load another LWR quilt:

This afternoon, LeeAnna and I...

... Enjoyed exploring the contents of the Guild Membership Prize basket assembled by Ella K.  Thanks for the fantastic basket, Ella!  Here's what it looked like when I picked it up yesterday:

This is what it looks like now, as organization isn't my strong suit:

THURSDAY - It's Christmas Eve.  No ZoomBEE today!  It's also grocery processing day.  SEW not my favorite day of the week!  I had hoped to treat myself afterwards, but there were a few last minute holiday details that required my attention.

Once I had tied up those loose ends (and wrapped the packages) there was sewing to be done!

Some Dark Neutral scraps (hint, hint) were sewn:

Then, I focused on first one UFO...

... Then another.  The DARK Neutral one made another appearance.  The corners shown here have been squared up and the quilt top is now ready for borders:

FRIDAYNo Zoom KNIT today!  Merry Christmas, everyone!!  I hope YOU have a safe and peaceful day.  If you love a good challenge, don't miss my GIFT POST.  In case you are project driven, this might be something to add to next year's quilting schedule.

After the holiday hubbub died down and the Christmas beast had been installed into a toasty oven, it was time to take myself up to the studio for some (real) holiday cheer!

First, I decided to load my niece's wedding quilt on the empty rails:

This is what happened next...

I made an emergency gift, along the lines of this neck warmer that I made a couple of weeks ago or so,  but smaller and hand sized:

Then, even though it's not DARK Neutral, I decided my gift to myself was to get this weight off my shoulders by getting a start on the quilting:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day!!  Angela asked that we share our RSC20 Year in Review today.  You can find that post by clicking on the post title.

Boy, doesn't it feel SEW good to lighten the load?!

Here is how I ended the night last night...

The wedding quilt was fully quilted, with only the trimming and binding standing between me and a completed UFO:

For those of you who frequently comment on my busy-ness or my productivity, even I am amazed at all I got done this week!  Who would ever have guessed that I would quilt THREE quilts since last Saturday's link party?  Not me, that's for sure.

Until next time...
SCRAPPY New Year!!


  1. Wow! You got the wedding quilt quilted! Amazing job and it turned out beautifully. Might you get another finish in the Fall 2020 challenge? Hope the roast beast turned out well.

  2. Your guild prize package looks wonderful - congratulations on the win! I love your niece's quilt - hooray for getting the quilting done!

  3. Well done!! Always fun and great to read your posts, you make me feel energized again!

  4. So glad to see that whatever made you rip out all that stitching has been fixed! I'm looking forward to seeing ALL of that dark neutral piece where you added corners :)

  5. Busy, busy, as usual. Your neices wedding quilt looks beautiful. How long till the wedding, and these covid days, can it go ahead with guests I wonder?

  6. Love the wedding quilt. I know you are one happy quilter that it is almost completely finished. You are definitely an inspiration to me with all you accomplish. What a super great prize.

  7. Week 52. What a long strange year it has been. Looking forward to a fresh start.

  8. It was the high spirits of Christmas that gave you the energy boost! lol
    Beautiful week!


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