Saturday, December 12, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC 20 - Week 50

Welcome to Week 50 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Can you believe it?!?!  There are only TWO full weeks remaining in 2020.  It's time to get serious about finishing off any projects that we don't want to carry over into 2021.

This week was just as busy as any other...

I'm off and running with December's Color of the Month in my new DARK Neutral sneakers:

SUNDAY - This morning, I released another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday.  Here's a preview, if you missed the post:

Still on a high from yesterdays Zoom Retreat, I decided to finish of the client quilt that I prepared and attached the binding on yesterday:

Once that was complete, I did a bit of DARK Neutral sewing, but what are those green strips doing in the mix:

MONDAY - I spent the morning quilting this LWR Mission Quilt:

I had paperwork to take care of during the midday, but later I worked on the next step of a project made of DARK Neutral scraps, with an added bit of holiday cheer:

TUESDAY - Today began with grocery processing.  After lunch, I dropped off yesterday's LWR quilt for Carol to bind...

... And picked up not one, but TWO quilts she would like to be quilted in time for Christmas:

The reason I went out in the first place was to deliver the quilt that I finished up over the weekend:

After dinner, I went up to load the first Christmas Quilt and could not decide on my thread choice:

What would YOU use???  Carol thought maybe something is red.  That is a tall order, as I only had three shades from which to choose.

WEDNESDAY - Last night, I did some DARK Neutral sewing for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

Bright and early this morning, I released a new edition of Wonderful Wednesday.  After breakfast and a 2nd cup of tea, I was ready to face the Christmas Quilt on laying across the quilt frame.  I loaded up the backing, chose one of three shades of red in my thread stash and quilted until THIS happened:

The "pig tail" just above the needle was shredding my thread.  :o((

This afternoon, LeeAnna and I had our weekly Zoom call:

After dinner, I decided to work on the design for this month's Gallery Wire Mini using the collection of scraps:

THURSDAY -  SEW happy to spend a couple of hours with the 12 quilters joined in for ZoomBEE today:

My apologies to Carol, who joined in the middle of show and tell.  I neglected to take another group photo to include her:

Around the world in 3 hours flat... 

That's what happened once ZoomBEE was adjourned.  First, I met Candy to pick-up a pattern...

... For Ruth S., who had inadvertently purchased 60mm rotary blades.  My cutter takes that size.  Thank you, Ruth!!  How did you know that mine needed to be replaced?  Please note, I only stepped just inside the front door long enough to escape the glare of the midday sun on the porch for the photo op...

... Before I was back in the car headed to Thread Waggle Quilting to pickup the parts needed for the longarm:


Since I was basically right around the corner, I called in an order for Red, Hot, and Blue BBQ:

When I got home, I changed out one of the parts that I purchased for the longarm and removed the second one, but didn't have any luck replacing it.  :o((

The only thing left to do was work on some Secret Sewing.  Shh!!!  Don't tell DH that his Christmas present is done.  :o))

DH and DS1 worked together to install that stubborn thread guide on the longarm.  Thanks, guys!  I'm back in business.  Tomorrow...

FRIDAY - We had a small group for ZoomKNIT this morning:

The order of the day was hand winding this yarn from Into the Wool:

Mission accomplished, even though no one could see it, as my computer locked up.  :o((  The view on the screen kept me company while I finished winding to what amounted to a call on speaker phone:

The day didn't get any better when I tried to do some quilting:

I gave up and went downstairs to do some computer work.  Did YOU see the new Design Floor Friday post I released?  Here's a preview:

After dinner, I opted to chill out with my computer and another Craftsy class.  This time, I chose The Essential Guide to Finishing Hand Knits with Anne Hansen.

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over on Angela's So Scrappy blog.  I'm looking forward to seeing how many of the RSC Quilters are embracing the DARK Neutral scrappy vibe.  I know for certain that a number of them are too busy FINISHING to be bothered with December's Color of the Month, but I love the challenge.

Until next time...
Get SEW scrappy!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your quilting issues, hope it will be fixed soon. Busy week, as always ;)

  2. What a great week. Lovely long arm quilting on the finished quilt. I love enjoying the texture of the quilting. Hope the machine is on the mend soon. Looks like you have quite a bit to finish off before Santa shows up in a couple of weeks! The flashes of color are just the right touch for your dark strings. So elegant!

  3. Embrace the dark side! Your dark neutrals are great. I'm glad your machine got fixed, too! Nice to have handy people around the house. Have a good weekend, Joy!

  4. Lots of long-arming for you! I hope you get that problem figured out.

  5. Hope all the quilting issues get resolved this weekend so you can finish the Christmas quilts in time. ;^)

  6. Your quilting on the quilt you delivered (browns and golds) is just stunning, what a gorgeous quilt. I can't wait to see how the Minions yarn knits up. Machine issues are so frustrating, hope that gets worked out soon, and you're back to flying through the Christmas quilts.

  7. You always have such busy weeks!

  8. Busy, busy! Are there really only 2 weeks left in the year? Oh my..... how did this quarter go by so quickly? I need to embrace the blacks next year... I am finding a good amount in the one bin I sorted so far.

  9. I enjoyed reading your post very much. My you are so busy! And so productive too. Wonderful stuff. Happy Stitching.

  10. Whoosh! There you go! (And here I was so pleased with myself that I went out to the mailbox today...)

  11. A real busy, up and down week! You know that you can loosen the screw and flip the thread guide upside down to get double mileage out of it, right. You probably know by now, plus you replaced it. Nice you're close to Thread Waggle.

  12. You get extra busy around the holidays, don't you? Lots of fun things going on! Lucky you to get fresh rotary blades :)

  13. Yikes, I hope today, Sunday, found you with some solutions to the issues at hand! Looking forward to your dark neutral finish!

  14. You are so good with working on so many projects all together. Sorry to hear about the thread problem, hope it is all fixed now. Happy stitching and knitting!


  15. Another busy week. Hopefully you got all the thread problems resolved now. Hope this week has been as productive.


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