Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sew Some Love Sunday - LWR - Mr. Postman and Quilt Top #9

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  Readers have been SEW generous with their time, talent, and resources.  Back in the middle of August when the LWR Mission Quilt Drive was first getting underway, I got an email from P. @ The Way I Sew It.  Here's what she had to say:

I think I'd be able to crank out a quilt for LWR before the year's end. Or at least cut squares and/or make a top? 80 inches is pretty big for me to machine quilt, but I might try tying it. Forgive all this thinking-out-loud blather, count me in, one way or another. :)

This was my reply:

Thanks SEW much!! Just let me know when you are ready to ship (whatever you need to ship) and I'll send you my address. Or.... I'll just give it to you now, so there's no delay.


Time went by and I forgot all about P's pledge of a quilt top (and haven't checked my notes recently.)  I was happy to get another email from P. recently.  BIG news was included:

Hi again!
I haven't forgotten about your LWR quilt!  I have a quilt top, backing and binding for you that I'll be shipping your way tomorrow.  I also have another quilt backing that I put together and a bunch of 2.5-inch batik strips that I recently cut for one of my quilts but didn't end up using.  I hope you can use it all, but if not, feel free to pass along to whomever else might find it useful.

Hope you're doing well and staying healthy!  That's the plan here!

My response:

Oh, thank you, P.!! l will look forward to receiving your generous contribution. I'm sure my quilters will make good use of all that you send.
Thanks, again!
I'm sure you can guess what I received in the mail last week...

That's right!  This box from P. arrived last Saturday:

Days passed, as the box sat in quarantine...

Finally, the time had arrived to open it up and see what was inside:

Here is a look at the note:

The box had been carefully packed with the promised quilt top...

I have scraps from some of the rose prints in my stash:

A coordinating backing and binding was also enclosed:

Plus, a bonus...

Included was an extra quilt back to go with one of the LWR quilt kits...

... Along with batik strips cut for a second binding:

Special thanks, P, for remembering your pledge!!  You came through for the LWR Mission Quilt project here at The Joyful Quilter.  Your generous contribution is SEW appreciated!!  The backing and binding was a welcome accompaniment to the quilt top you donated.

Watch for future LWR posts...

The completed quilt will be revealed, as soon as it has been quilted.  There's a bit of a backlog, but that's a GOOD thing!  :o))

More mail...

Oh, goodness!  I missed acknowledging an important (e)mail that I received last weekend.  PayPal notified me that I had received funds.  Special thanks to Mari @ The Academic Quilter for her generous contribution to the LWR batting fund.  I'm also expecting a package from her, but that hasn't been delivered (so you will hear about that once it arrives.)

Until next time...
Sew Some Love!!!


  1. What a great quilt program--and great participants!

  2. I spy some fabrics I know I have or have used in the past.... way back from the 90s!

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to make and send along this top and some extras for LWR. Oh yes, I was in a "back to the '90s" mood with using up some big floral scraps for this quilt. Funny how many of us still have or remember certain fabrics from that era!

  4. Beautiful quilt top, P.! This will be a beloved quilt for someone, somewhere. Thanks, too, Joy! I'll be interested in seeing how you quilt it.

  5. A lovely addition to your LWR project, Joy!

  6. Lots of good news on your home front. We also quarantine our packages too. Not for more than a day or two but it just seems the right thing to do.

  7. Big thanks to P for her generous donations! I love those pretty florals in her top :)


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