Saturday, November 21, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 47

Welcome to Week 47 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  November is drawing to a close.  You KNOW what that means, don't you?  This year, it means that I'm ready to have some fun in this month's alternate colorway... I'm ready to get out my MULTI-COLOR prints and play!


There is that ONE looming LIGHT Neutral project in the works:

Unfortunately, with how chunky it is, I've had some trouble remaining engaged.  I think it's time to bring out the rotary cutter (or else dig into the scrap bag, again.

Maybe THIS week...

SUNDAY - It was a gorgeous summer-like Fall day!  I went out to do some gardening.  When I came inside, I was tired and hungry.  Later, I decided to sort through the scrap bag that I got a week or so ago.  The tall kitchen trash bag contained LOTS of goodies!  I'm SEW excited that (thanks to Ruth S.) I won't have to make binding when my LIGHT Neutral basket has been made:

As the sun began its descent, I finally delivered this special pillow to The Junior Quilter:

My sweet little recipient was thrilled and couldn't resist a hug:

What's that on her face?  Oh!  She had been painting her face with her mother's makeup before I arrived.  LOL!!

MONDAY - Today, I released a new edition of Mail Call Monday.

This evening, ZoomGUILD met tonight with approximately 50 attendees.  Our speaker was quilt artist Christine Hager-Braun @ Soular Power Fabric Art:

The presentation had to do with creativity:

TUESDAY - This week's Quilt Talk on Zoom with LeeAnna happened today:

Afterwards, I got a start on this scrappy wonder of Carol's:

WEDNESDAY - I continued with the quilting:


Met with a friend of a friend who dropped off two quilts to have their turn on the longarm:

THURSDAY - It's time for my Weekly Quilt Group to gather for ZoomBEE.  These 10 quilting friends joined in the fun:


I finished off Carol's quilt and she came to pick it up:

FRIDAY - It's hard to believe that the work week is coming to a close.  My day consisted of ZoomKNIT with these friends, plus a couple others who joined in after the photo was taken...

... And...

More quilting:

SATURDAY - Angela posted this week's LINK PARTY on her blog So Scrappy. I'm looking forward to visiting the other RSC Quilters to see what fun everyone has been having this week.

Until next time...


  1. What a busy week on the long arm you had! I really need to pull one of the RSC set of blocks and do something with them!

  2. I just love that postage stamp top. What a fun collection of color.

  3. It's funny how different projects will excite you at one moment and completely leave you out in the cold at another. Playing with scraps can be a good antidote for that! Junior Quilter looks very happy with her pillow!

  4. You did have a busy week with lots of variety. I havent ventured into the zoom thing yet, trying to avoid it. lol

  5. Light neutrals can be hard to get enthused about, but it looks like it will be lovely once it's done. Looks like you're having fun on the longarm, though! Have a good week, Joy!

  6. the junior quilter! how funny! And how touching the connection between you two. I like how you described the problem with your neutrals. Chunky. So what kind of line would make it better? diagonal slice? more horizontal and vertical cuts to make more mosaic like little squares??
    Keep cutting and repiecing. Try moving the slices around first, insert a new fabric... it's on it's way, it's just not done yet. Then stamp a big fat image over it with gold paint!
    Go girl! (if you can find the time you busy thing)

  7. Sounds like your friends have been busy making tops and know just where to them for the quilting! With two in the queue, I'm wondering if you'll be able to get back to your neutral quilt bin!?! Have a great week!

  8. As usual, you've had a lovely busy quilty week. I'm intrigued with your neutral project, looking forward to seeing it finished. And the junior quilter is such a sweetie pie! I'm sure she loved her special pillow, with all its secret pockets.

  9. You've been moving along with the quilting and the scrap play. Hope this week has been as productive.


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