Monday, November 16, 2020

Mail Call Monday - What's in the Box(es)?!

Welcome to a new edition of Mail Call Monday!!  It's been a while and today, I just couldn't resist.  If YOU sent a package, it's going to be  little while before I open them.

Quarantine.  Don't ya know??

Here's the stack the mail carrier delivered:

Perhaps, YOU recognize one of them.  If so, please know that I am looking forward to opening your box.  Once it's spent some time in the Quarantine Zone, I will happily do just that.  In the meantime, you won't have to wonder about your shipment's arrival.

Thanks, in advance, for whatever it was you sent!  As an aside, I have a sneaking feeling I know exactly what's in that bulging one in the middle.  squee  (Am I right, Suzanne in AK?)

Until next time...
Mail carriers ROCK!!!


  1. I think I would just wipe it down with bleach or alcohol and dive right in. I can't help myself when fabric is on the line. Or chocolate.

  2. You are right!! I recognized the box immediately!

  3. Wait, no... Mine's the white one!

  4. Nothing like a package to make my day! Have fun!

  5. I spy my box! Glad it made it there safely! I always worry a little when the tracking says, "Left on front porch." Open it carefully...contents are really squeezed down and under pressure :)

  6. Love packages in the mail! I shipped one off to my Mom today.... finally! I guess I should open the applipops that arrive on Friday and see what they are all about.


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