Wednesday, July 28, 2021

July 2021 - TABLE SCRAPS Runner/Topper Challenge/Link Party

Welcome to the July 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Runner/Topper Challenge!!  Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter your table runner/topper, mug rug, etc. in the Link Party by Monday, August 2, 2021 at 11:59 PM (EST.)

This month's inspiration photo:

No blog?  No problem, you will be able to have your scrappy table runners/toppers hosted here on The Joyful Quilter.  Just pop me an email with your name/state and a photo of your completed project and I will add it to a follow-up post.

From our participants...

... Or you may want to try THIS placemat tutorial by Jamie @ L' Fair Quilts.  She released it during the Twelve Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop with Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

What about this Runner from Joanne @ Everyone Deserves a Quilt?  She posted a tutorial for the Hop, too.

Later, I found THIS LINK for some really cute Mini Quilt patterns @ She Can Sew.

Got favorites???

Email me , if you have a "go to" runner or topper pattern.  I'll add it to a future post.  Thanks!

Where's the table covering, Joyful???

I missed today's deadline.  Since it was Dark BLUE / Dark NEUTRAL month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I picked up this basket of scraps...

... And packed it away...

... in this stack of totes:


When it came time to make my runner, I pulled out a few Crumb blocks from my collection blocks made during previous years for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

They were turned this way...

... And that, before I decided on a pleasing arrangement:

I gave this teaser photo earlier in the month...

... And recently chose a backing fabric from the scrap pile:

Alas, my time has not been my own this month.  We were in the process of buying a new home and busy packing up the old one:

Here is my (incomplete) July 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge...

As you can see, life got in the way this month.  I've got the binding fabric from B, but that do me much good until the piece is quilted!  I'll add a new Tidy Up Tuesday post as soon as my new studio is up and running.  Don't worry if you don't see it before the middle of next month! I'm going to be a LITTLE busy.

Linking up with Alycia
Finished (Or NOT) Friday


Sharing with Cynthia

And, with that...

It's time to add your own projects to the Table Scraps Link Party below!!  Here's hoping that YOU had better luck on finishing up your runner/topper/placemat, etc.

Until next time...
It's a Cover Up!!!


  1. Wishing you every happiness in your new home. Hubs and I moved 3 months ago and love our new home.

  2. You found beautiful blues for this month runner, Joy.
    Love and hapiness in your new home.

  3. I am working on a table topper....maybe I will get it finished in time for this month's challenge.

  4. Congratulations on your new home, Joy! You get a pass on accomplishing anything more than the move right now. Hope all goes smoothly!

  5. At least I'm in good company. Good luck with the move.

  6. Nothing like a move to clean the cobwebs from the sewing room corners!!!! Take care!

  7. Ooh! How exciting! And you managed to get a table scraps project to the final lap! Awesome! Best wishes in your new home and studio!

  8. Enjoy your new home Joy! I don't envy you all the packing and unpacking during the warmest time in the year, let alone the cleaning and decorating. Good luck with it all.

  9. If you’re not up to packing ALL of your scraps, I can probably be convinced to help you out by taking some off your hands, lol!!!

  10. You have done great despite all the added stress of moving and packing. Fabric is really patient and will wait until you are ready and able to play with it... in that new studio!

  11. Enjoy the move. At least you are getting your sewing studio more organized.

  12. Ugh -- moving is no fun. I always had a project ready to sew and easily accessible when I moved. Even if I was sick of unpacking I could always hide away in my sewing area and stitch for the sheer joy of it.

  13. Moving is so exciting, Joy!! Cute photo of you two! Can't wait to hear more about it--are you moving far? Near? Warmer climes? Nearer fam? I've heard the housing market is really tight now--did you have a time finding a place? Best wishes on your fresh start, new community and new studio!!!

  14. I am so impressed you got that much done! and it will be fun to refer to it as the Two houses runner!! ( you know in between 2 houses!)

  15. Very "last minute" of me, but I made it.

  16. I'm surprised with moving that you got as much done as you did. Good luck with moving! ~Jeanne


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