Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - APQS Owners Group, 3rd Qtr., 2018

WARNING:  Picture-Heavy Post!!!

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Today, I'm here to share this past weekend's day-long quilting event(s.)  Sorry!!  There are TOO many pictures for today.  You'll have to wait to read about the continuation in next week's post.

On Friday...

I was among the members of the APQS Owners Group met at Thread Waggle Quilting in North Raleigh.  I mentioned the event in last week's ScrapHappy Saturday post, but didn't take the time to share these photos taken.

Here are the quilts that people brought to share...

Carolyn is busy making baby quilts:

She warned us to be on the lookout for fabric everywhere.  And she does mean EVERYWHERE!!  The backing for the quilt shown above was found on clearance at Target.  Yes!  Quilt fabric at Target, if you can't believe it, read on.

In its previous life, it was a 100% cotton SHOWER CURTAIN:

Judy has been busy quilting:

This quilt gave Judy permission to play:

With contrasting thread...

... And a TON of quilting designs:

Carolyn has kept Mack busy with his quilting:

Chris brought a couple of completed quilts:

Debbie had a lot of fun with this quilt:

Debbie has some tension issues, which led to a discussion on how to fix such things.

The loops on the back are an indicator of a burr on your hook retaining finger, if I understood correctly:

Edie has some beauties:

I shared a donation quilt in process in order to have a question about starts and stops answered:

Angela recommends that every tool kit have a #2 (shoulderless) screwdriver for those hard to reach adjustments:

Judy shared Feed Bag bags that Debbie has been making:

We also talked about the appropriate height for your longarm quilting machine.  Here I am with a "me-height" floor model.

Front rail:


Thread Waggle Quilting stocks a selection of Wide Backing Fabric:

I had a difficult time resisting the one above and below:

Here's an example of what a difference color placement makes:

Angela showed us her challenge quilt from the (now disbanded) Carolina Longarm Association and we talked about the possibility of a group challenge for 2019:

We talked about how to decide what to quilt and this shop sampler shows a couple of unusual techniques:

Class sample from the recent Claudia (?) class on how to divide a quilt for quilting:

It was an enjoyable day.  Informative, educational, and as you can plainly see from the photos above, inspirational, too!!  Angela provided a delicious lunch.  Some of us brought treats to share.  The crackers I brought were a nice compliment to the salad from Jason's Deli.  :o))

Thanks again, Angela, for taking time out of your busy schedule to host us all and provide valuable information and encouragement.

Until next time...
Yay for professional development!!


  1. Some people have really been busy! Thanks for sharing all of that inspiration and beauty. ~Jeanne

  2. Wow! What an informative, inspirational group! Love all the photos. Thanks, Joy!

  3. It seems like it was an enjoyable and informative meeting (the best kind).

    I'm interested in the photo of the quilting tension issues. I get those same "eyelash" effects on my Jazz when I FMQ. My internet research told me that it happens because I was moving the fabric too quickly (on the curves). They get better when I slow down, but not perfect. I wonder if I should take the machine in and have it looked at?


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