Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - NQR

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  As you will note in the title of this post, it is NOT quilt related.  Hence, the NQR... for those of you who were wondering what I was talking about.

AND... Oops!!  It also wasn't posted on Wednesday.  Sorry about that!  I had trouble logging into my computer last night.

DS2 has flown the nest.  He's off at college and has already gotten a cold, bombed an audition, gotten another audition, and found "his people."  All in all, it was a good first week!

The cold arrived on the first day of classes.  Oh, joy.  The first audition was on the second day of classes.  Remember that cold? Well, it's awfully hard to get enough air to blow a trombone when you can't breathe.

The second audition???  During the first, DS2 had a conversation with the judge (?) and let him know that tenor was not his "thing."  It just happens to be the horn that he owns.  Long story.  He mentioned that he was primarily a bass trombone player...

... and get this!!

The person hearing the audition contacted the trombone professor to find out if there was a bass that DS2 could borrow...

... for a 2nd audition!!!

Long story short, the cold was going away.  He borrowed a bass and rocked the audition.  :o))

Congrats! to DS2, the new bass trombone player for the UNC Chapel Hill Jazz Ensemble.  We are SO proud of you!!!

Until next time...
Music matters!!!


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