Saturday, September 10, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 37

Welcome to Week 37 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Another week, another excuse for NOT sewing up my scraps for this week's RSC post?  We'll see...

SUNDAY was a Sew Day with the "Three Musketeers."  We made the Trail Tote designed by Anna Graham.  The pattern is available for FREE on the Robert Kaufman website:

MONDAY in America was the Labor Day holiday.  I wasn't scheduled to work, but worked on the three CK Totes that need to be completed:

T-shirt sections all cut and prepped. Linings and bases ready and waiting for their turn with the interfacing and iron... Thursday!!

TUESDAY was a VERY busy day!!  It started off with Knit Group and ended at me spending the afternoon with an old friend. 

Sewing??  Not so much!!  :o((

I did find that Angela posted the following today:

ScrapHappy Sampler - September Block - Staggered Steps

On WEDNESDAY, that old friend needed additional assistance.  I did manage to publish my Wonderful Wednesday post.  It detailed the trials and tribulations of creating the Trail Tote.

THURSDAY morning, I was pleased to attend my weekly Quilt Group meeting.  I missed last week.  :o((

The afternoon was reserved for making additional progress on my CK Totes, but I played hooky from working on those today in favor of cutting another section of my niece's wedding quilt:

Plans for FRIDAY were up in the air.  I thought that since DS1 didn't come home for the Labor Day holiday, that he may want to come home this weekend.  That would mean a trip to Raleigh.  As it turned out...

I spent the morning at home, had lunch with a friend and ran errands in the afternoon.  Another day with no progress on the quilting/sewing front... Other than sorting THESE scraps from quilting friends:

Thank you, DeeDee for this little bag of scrappy love!!

Guess what's in this giant bag?!?!

MORE scrappy goodness from Ella!!  Thanks for feeding my addiction to all scraps, small and large.

SATURDAY means there's a party going on!!

What KIND of party, Joyful???

Why, a LINK PARTY, of course!!  Head on over to Angela's So Scrappy blog to see what all of the other RSC Quilters have been up to this week.  I'm off to have a look, too... after I get back from picking up DS1 in Raleigh!!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Totally understand why there was not a lot of sewing this week!

  2. Time with friends is very important. Sewing can always wait. Enjoy time with your son.

  3. I'm glad you had visiting time this week!

  4. At least you'll have scraps at the ready when you finally get a moment to sew!

  5. Sometimes what matters is the fabric coming in, which makes us happy. The rest will get done sooner or later, or maybe not. It's okay because it is a hobby after all.

  6. LOVE those bags. Thanks for the link, just downloaded it and will put that on my sewing list this week! I'm trying to get some gifts ready for my daughters' 43rd birthday and this bag will be perfect!
    What a great bag of scraps you have to go thru! Have fun!

  7. I spotted her! And she added to my stash too.

  8. I spotted her! And she added to my stash too.


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