Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - The Pin Cushion Edition

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!  This week we'll be talking about the recent pin cushion swap over at the Barrister Block blog.  Randy posted that she was interested in getting more participants so I asked to join and then told my friend, Britt, who also signed up.

I was assigned Nancy from Connecticut.  Upon emailing her I found that she likes Modern fabrics, particularly Zen Chic by Brigitte Heitland for Moda.  Well, that gave me focus on a shopping spree to a new-to-me quilt shop during last month's adventure to Western North Carolina Quilt Guild.

I visited one shop on the way out and another on the way back. The shop on the way out to Hendersonville had EXACTLY what I needed.  (It was a REALLY tough choice because the Modern aesthetic is so NOT my style!!)

Upon my return, I thought a bit more about what I wanted to do and HERE is what I came up with...

Dark BACK:

Light FRONT:

Bright FRONT:

Artistic angled shot:

Not too bad for my first pin cushion EVER!!!  :o))

Extra fabric that I included in the swap package:

Days later, Nancy arrived home from a trip and was delighted with her pin cushion.  Turns out, she's got the VERY SAME FABRIC set out on her cutting table waiting for her to decide on a project!!  She is about to start a matching quilt for her pin cushion.  How perfect is that?!?  LOL

Mail Call Monday, anyone???  Nope!  No mail delivery.  :o((

Yesterday, my package arrived from Janet in Utah:

Look at all of the goodies:

Isn't this pin cushion adorable?!!

Here is another shot to give you a better idea of scale:

It's PERFECT because Janet went with my comment about making something that "spoke to her and of her likes."  Turns out we BOTH like miniature quilts!!  Although, my idea of making a miniature and hers appear to be MUCH different.  I've never made one quite this small (due to my aversion to paper-piecing.)  I'm guessing that she paper pieced it.  Surely she couldn't have gotten the block SEW perfect without using that method, could she?  (Or maybe she's just THAT much better a quilter than I am!!)

My swap package also included a beautiful card depicting an autumn walk in the woods (painting by Janet's cousin) and some handmade soaps (made by Janet, herself.)  Oh, the spicy goodness!! She blogged about (and included a better photo) HERE.  Scroll down until you see it.

Funny how the package arrived ON my birthday.  Thank you, Janet!!  (And thanks to the Columbus Day holiday for no mail delivery on Monday.)  It was nice to have an actual package to open on my birthday... we are an out-to-eat IS your gift kind of family.

Until next time...
Give quilty swaps a try!!


  1. Happy belated birthday! Love both pin cushions and you did very well stepping out of your box.

  2. Well, how fun was that to discover you had chosen just the right fabrics for the pincushion you made? : )
    Glad you like your little package, and that the slow mail delivery made the timing just right for your birthday!

  3. Happy belated birthday Joyful! Your pincushion is lovely and cheerfully coloured too. Great work. Yes, it is funny how things just happen sometimes. Love the little pincushion you got too. Enjoy! ;^)


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