Saturday, October 1, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 40

Welcome to Week 40 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I find it fairly terrifying that there are only TWELVE weeks remaining in 2016.  Are YOU ready for the holidays???  (No, wait!  Pretend I didn't just ask that.)  This week, I thought I might (FINALLY) get some RED blocks done...

Let's see how that worked out for me...

SUNDAY - I was a lump. Worn out from vacation, I sat on the couch most of the day catching up on email, etc.  I did visit the scrap basket and moved some things around and prepped for this week's block production.

A (future) Tiny Nine:

An upcoming Slab Block:

The beginnings of a String Block:

MONDAY - Posted the Scrap Adoption results.  Congrats! to TexasQuilter.  I went "old school" for the drawing:

(I hope to hear from her soon with mailing info.)

Why, yes.  I did miss Knit Group today.  Don't worry!  I had a REALLY good excuse.  :P

TUESDAY - Visited with friends and went to my monthly evening Quilt Bee.  We had a GREAT turnout and a guest/new member (who actually knew someone at the meeting.  Turns out their daughter's were friends from 15 or 20 years ago!!  How cool is that?)

WEDNESDAY - Hooray for a stay-at-home day!!  Well... it started out that way and then there were errands to run, including mailing out a package that arrived in today's mail.  I accidentally left off a unit number, so it was returned as undeliverable.  :o((

After that mission was accomplished, I went up to play with RED scraps (before we get a new RSC Color of the Month!!!)  Have a look at what I did:

THURSDAY - I attended my weekly Quilt Group meeting.  That was followed by a business meeting, which was followed by some sewing:

OK!  So only a TINY bit of sewing!!

FRIDAY - Friends and I met for knitting.  Not our regular Knit Group crowd, but just some quiet stitching time... And some Show and Tell:

This is a (lined) pillow case that my friend made for her son.  She couldn't stand the thought of throwing away the extra T-shirts from THIS quilt that I quilted for her over the summer:


I showed of the Stripey Sleeve of Warmth that I finished while on vacation last week.  Wanna see it in better light?  Here it is:

After knitting, I had an appointment at the car dealership for a recall repair, but on the way, I stopped off at the pet store for THIS:

What IS that, Joyful???

Many of you may know what it is (and what it is for), but the Ground Walnut Shells are (apparently) now the end all, be all in pin cushion production.  Sew... Britt and I will be sharing a bag to fill the pin cushions that we are making for a swap.


SATURDAY - First things first...  Angela started today off with the color announcement for October:

ScrapHappy Saturday - Sunrise on a New Month

A new month begins as a new sun rises in the morning.  This is going to be a bright and happy month.  

Then,,, Rock the block!!  It's LINK PARTY day over at the So Scrappy blog.  Visit the links to see what all of the RSC Quilters have been up to this week.  I'm headed there now!!


After I share my Month in Review stats.  Even though it seems silly to do that when I only JUST completed the blocks this week!!

Here goes...

ONE Maverick Star:

ONE Slab Block:

ONE String Block:

ONE Tiny Nine:

For a total of FOUR blocks made during RED month:

Add to that...

ONE Rainbow Crumb block:

Which brings me to a grand total of FIVE blocks during the month of September:

Not too bad for someone who had a number of Custom CK Totes to get out and went away for a week this month.  :o))

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Five blocks added to the bunch do add up nicely at the end of the year. Hope you are all recovered from vacation and ready for fall.

  2. Your red scrappy blocks turned out beautifully. You had a productive week too.

  3. Your crumb block and slab block are great. I do prefer the slab with the white print on the lower side, it just seems more balanced, but then it depends where it will be placed in relation to others. Have a fun week!

  4. Those red blocks look pretty imoressive when you out them all together! I love the string blocks you're making. I should be doing that with my strings!

    1. *impressive* and *put*. Lol! Sometimes I just can't type!

  5. I loved your day by day entry! Looks like you had a lot of fun!


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