Saturday, October 8, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 41

Welcome to Week 41 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Each month, Angela over at So Scrappy chooses a color for RSC Quilters to use in their blocks or quilts during that month.  October's color?

I'm SEW happy that Angela aligned the Color of the Month with the autumn holiday of Halloween.  FINALLY, my nail polish, quilt blocks, AND holiday decorations will all match!  Or at the very least... coordinate!!  :o))

SUNDAY, I put away the remains of September's RED and sorted through my baskets, bags, and bins of scraps to find any ORANGE that I could use to make October's RSC blocks:

Barrister's Block quilt blog Pin Cushion Swap is due soon.  The one I made involved THESE fabrics, among others...

... And a portion of my share of the crushed walnut shells that Britt and I split for this swap... and a number of future pin cushions, too:

MONDAY was sent with friends in Chapel Hill.  We visited the recently renovated Chapel Hill Library:

Their automated book sorter is QUITE impressive!!  This little girl was asking for a book to return to see just how the machine works.

Since I was near campus, I texted DS2 to see if he wanted to have dinner with me.  Never heard from him.  :o((

I entertained myself by making ONE Tiny Nine in ORANGE:

TUESDAY was Knit Group and Hair Day.  I finally got a text of apology from DS2... of course, his phone was dead!!  (Which is exactly what DS1 said when he called last night.)  The apology was heartwarming, so I extended the invitation again for this evening and (even though he didn't have much time, he said yes.)

The logistics of our meeting worked out so that I had a bit of time before I picked up DS2 for dinner (since DH was still away and I was out anyway.)  The gap between hair and dinner was filled with...

What else?  Shopping!!!  LOL

I visited a favorite local consignment shop and then headed for Thimble Pleasures.  There's a SALE going on, as Julie recently announced that she will be retiring at the end of the year.

THIS fabric followed me home:

Yes, I've already confessed to the members of the Ravelry Austerity Challenge.  Lucky for me, it's a new quarter so I'm actually allowed a purchase.  I believe that I made a good one!!

After dinner, I made ONE String Block in ORANGE:

WEDNESDAY was spent sleeping late (an accident, I can assure you!!) and cleaning up around the house before DH arrived home from his work conference out in Asheville, North Carolina.

I tackled Mt. Washmore and did a bit more ORANGE sewing.  This ONE Slab Block was the result:

I also did a bit of reading.  In the second paragraph (shown below), the words in Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn painted a picture.  I could clearly see a quilt (that I hope to make in the near future:

THURSDAY morning, before my weekly Quilt Group meeting, I made another pin cushion and shared it at Show and Tell:

It's was a housewarming gift for my friend, Linda, who recently moved into a new home.  There's ORANGE in it!!  :o))

After the meeting, six of went to lunch and after that, I enjoyed a mani/pedi afternoon.  I had things to get at the Super Store anyway... might as well be pampered before taking care of that shopping list!!  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

First, Pedicure in the RSC Color of the month:

... Followed by a manicure in a different shade of ORANGE:

Time got away from me and suddenly it was time for dinner, but I hadn't heard from DH yet, so I went for a walk on the treadmill.

I did a 20 minute mile (which is good for me) and then went in to the sewing room to do some donation sewing.

I made a String Block for Covered in Love.  HERE is the FRONT...

... And the BACK.  Can you see that I even pieced the foundation?!

There's ORANGE in there!!!  :o))

Then this happened:

Followed by THIS:

Culminating in THIS:

On FRIDAY, I decided that you MIGHT want to know what happened last night.  It went something like this...

7 PM Quilt block finished. STILL haven't heard from DH. Figured I would just make my way down to the kitchen to find something to eat.  There was light coming from downstairs, so I didn't bother to turn on another... BIG MISTAKE!!

7:30...  I missed the last step or two coming down the stairs. 

9 PM... DH and I arrived at UNC Hospital's Hillsborough campus.

10:00... X-rays and the wait for someone to read them!

11 PM  Shift Change brought the doctor to examine my foot.

12:15... A walking cast boot was brought in and we were sent on our merry way.

1 AM  Hooray!!  I'm medicated and in bed.  What a day!!

SATURDAY is LINK PARTY day!!  Here's hoping that all of the RSC Quilters along the Eastern seaboard are safe in the wake of Hurricane Matthew's wrath.  If you've got power, quilt til you wilt!

1:20 PM - We just lost power.  :o((

5:20 PM - Power has been restored.  I can finally post this.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Oh, no! Will you still be in the boot at quilt camp? I missed the last stair to the basement twice; now we have a brighter light in that fixture (I also count the steps when I go down).

  2. Love the new fabric that followed you home. So sorry about the ankle though. Wish you speedy recovery. ;^)

  3. I have missed a step recently and ended up in the ER, too. NO FUN! Hope you heal quickly!

  4. Oh my word! Is it broken or sprained? Poor girl. And the power thing... It's your foot pedal foot too.

  5. Sending healing vibes - hope you are back on your feet soon!

  6. Oh NO! Hope you heal quickly and the storm does not effect you where you are (or the boys). Sending you healing thoughts so you can show off those pretty toes soon.

  7. So sorry to hear of your accident, hope it heals up really quick. You might have to run the foot pedal with your left foot-gotta get those projects done ya know!

  8. Rule 1: Turn on the light, ALWAYS. Rule 2: Make sure you have a pedi BEFORE you plan to fall. Rule 3: Remember that we all love you and pray for a quick recovery. Rule 4: Keep on quilting whatever it takes.

  9. Sorry to hear about your accident. I am sure you will find away to keeping on sewing. Take care.

  10. Oh, dear! Glad you have the boot - it might not be the most fashion forward accessory you have right now but it will help the healing.

  11. Oh, nuts! That looks like it hurts.

  12. Ugh! Sorry to hear you hurt yourself. Hope you heal quickly. At least you got some nice blocks made this week though.

  13. Wow! So much happening. Glad i came by to be inspired. I only have been making one rsc block each month! Sending goid thoughts for quick recovery.


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