Monday, February 1, 2016

Mystery Monday, Allietare! February Link-Up

Welcome to the February 2016 Allietare Link-Up!!  It's been a month since Bonnie released the final clue of the 2015 Winter Mystery.  She's asking for a check-in and I am happy to oblige.  Even if I haven't gotten very far in the completion of my quilt... or even the BLOCKS!!!

Why not, Joyful???

Well, my quilty peeps, it's like this...

Allietare! is only one of SEVERAL quilts that are in various stages of completion in my sewing room.  They each are vying for my attention.  I have two commission quilts that demand a portion of my time, a Challenge deadline was looming, and I felt it imperative that I make some real progress on a wedding quilt that needs to be completed by Fall 2016.

SEW... SEW... SEW...

I have completed the components for EIGHT of the "Star" blocks...

... Along with components for FOUR of the "Square" blocks:

Based on the Lap sized layout of my friend, NeedleB's, quilt:

I still need to make FOUR MORE "Star" blocks and TWO more "Square" blocks.  Maybe NEXT week!!  This week I need to make further progress on one of the two commissions.

Here are the block parts stacked side by side:

I'm really looking forward to putting these together so that I can see what it looks like all laid out!

Until next time...
Be Mysterious!!!

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  1. Good luck with all of your projects. Sounds like a lot to me. Allietare looks very nice. Love the colour combo of NeedleB. Enjoy! ;^)


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