Saturday, February 6, 2016

Scrap Happy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Thank you, again, to all of the lovely RSC Quilters (and others) who left comments last week.  Unfortunately, my email system is STILL not allowing any outgoing email.  MUST. Change. Providers!!!

This week begins with Angela's Color of the Month announcement:

February Color Announcement and Fabric Giveaway


... With accents of PINK!!!

Photo shown is from Angela's So Scrappy blog.

SUNDAY afternoon, I thought that I might make one more BLUE block before switching to the NEW colors.  SEW... I present ONE Rainbow Crumb in shades of BLUE with a touch of purple:

Then I realized that you might want to see my Month in Review since it's the finial day of BLUE month.

Fair warning!!

It's short and sweet, just FIVE blocks sewn for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge :

And a batch of  SEVENTEEN (17) 9-Patch blocks (made of 3.5" squares) for Dr. Pete's Wedding quilt with only THREE more to make:

Add in a sprinkling of THREE (3) Rainbow Crumb blocks for good measure:

And you've got the entirety of January's block production, which totals TWENTY-FIVE (25) made during BLUE month:

On MONDAY morning, I was following a few of  the links from last week's LINK PARTY and noticed Raewyn at Stitching Farm Girl shared a photo of her 2 sizes of 9-Patch blocks side by side. I thought I that you might like to see what a contrast my Tiny Nines are compared with the blocks for Dr. Pete's Wedding quilt.  THIS photo shows the difference between my Tiny Nines made from 1" and the ones made of 3.5" squares:

Let me tell you...

After a year of making Tiny Nines, blocks made from 3.5" squares seem HUGE!!!!!

On MONDAY afternoon, I asked myself what IF?!?!  What if I treat my Tiny Nines like Angie at Quilting on the Crescent did???  Just LOOK at her lovely quilt:

But THEN... I thought about that photo that I posted this morning and had another idea...

Only time will tell!

I thought that I might be able to decide after getting my nails done...
In chocolate BROWN with a heart-shaped accent of PINK.

TUESDAY afternoon, I noticed that my daffodils are STILL blooming!!

That burst of color inspired me to head back into the sewing room to create ONE Rainbow Crumb block, made from more of Diane's scraps... including some from our recent UFO Sew-In:

On WEDNESDAY, when I should have been at physical therapy for my shoulder, I was busy working on some RSC Sewing.  I prepped a Tiny Nine...

... And completed ONE Slab Block in BROWN with a touch of PINK:

Bummer!!  Physical Therapy seems to be hurting more than it's helping.  :o((

THURSDAY, is my day for Quilt Group.  This week I discovered that the best indie fabric printer on the net is a REAL place that's not far from home.  Our hostess arranged a tour for us to:


Our Tour Guide took a photo upon arrival (before we could forget and leave without one):

For sewing enthusiasts there's also Sprout Patterns, where there's no need for paper patterns, as they print the pattern in the Spoonflower fabric of your choice for a custom project:

When I got home, I cut out the rest of S's shirts:

On FRIDAY, I spent the day with a friend, but managed to make ONE Tiny Nine in BROWN with a spark of PINK out of those prepped earlier in the week:

SATURDAY is the day that I join the LINK PARTY over at Angela's So Scrappy blog.  Won't you join me as I take a tour around BlogLand?  I'm looking forward to seeing what all of the RSC Quilters have been working on this week!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. It never occurred to me that Spoonflower was a real place. Because it lives inside of my computer, right? 8)
    Hoping your shoulder is better, and that you're getting to enjoy some of that playing with brown and pink!

  2. As always, you have been busy. I love all your January blocks. And I LOOOOVE Spoonflower. Do you vote in their weekly design contest? I’ve only missed in once or twice in 3+ years. Love your daffodils. Ours are planted on the front (north) side of our house and haven’t even THOUGHT about making an appearance yet. Looking forward to watching your brown (and pink) progress!

  3. Your tiny nines are just amazing! I love the brown and pink one - are you making more?

  4. Very pretty blue blocks. Lucky you to get to go to Spoonflower.

  5. Love to see all the lovely blues again. Hmmm! You seems to be well on your way for a fun month of brown and pink. Lovely nails.
    It always hurts more before it gets better. Think of it this way; if it wasn't hurting, it wouldn't be doing any good. That's what I keep repeating to myself. Hope you get better soon. ;^)

  6. Great looking blocks. The blue and white quilt is coming along nicely. I made a bunch of small 9 patches and 4 patches using the Billie Lauder method I found online. It was fun to do... Blogged here:
    Will be fun to come back and see what other blocks and projects you work on this month! : )

  7. How fun to tour the actual Spoonflower location. I ordered a periodic table fabric from them and just love it! Great progress on blues. Fabulous month, and you are already off and running on the brown's. Hope the physical therapy starts helping soon. It is no fun to be in pain.

  8. Can't wait to see what you do with your nines!

  9. Oh dear - hope you do find relief with the ray for your shoulder - a real nuisance when you really want to be sewing. I love your blues from slast month and the brown slab you're showing.


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