Friday, February 12, 2016

Tiny Nines - {Design Floor Friday Edition}

Welcome to another issue of Design Floor Friday!!  Today, there is actually NOTHING on the floor. However, I  recently commented on Ravelry (1/31/16) that I may have decided how I want to put my Tiny Nine quilt together...

Here's February's Block:

Yes!!  I'm only making very few blocks each month, as I am trying to concentrate on my commissions first and then on my UFOs.  This is a L-O-N-G term project (and I'm OK with that.)


When I found THIS at Julie's My Quilt Diary blog (2/1/16).  Apparently, she had recently (12/31/15) given some thought to what to do with the SAME small blocks HERE.  Perhaps, I could do mine on-point, just to change it up a bit???  Who knows?!

I'd LOVE to do Ring Cycle, but feel that I would only hash it up royally!!  So then I wondered about Tiny Nines on point with larger 9-Patch Blocks on square...

SEW many possibilities!!!

Until next time...
Peace to Piece!!

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