Friday, May 1, 2020

Design Floor Friday - Quilt for Doll Baby

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  This week, I decided to use up a few Light/Bright BLUE scraps before Angela assigned a new Color of the Month for May at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Here's the story...

On Sunday, I hatched a plan for one BLUE project.  Sorry!  You will have to wait until this coming Sunday to read about that.

On Monday evening, there was a glorious hour devoted to visiting some of my friends in BlogLand.  That's when I found Assembled by Mary @ Making Scrap Quilts from Stash.

Tuesday morning, I had a unscheduled video chat with the Junior Quilter.  As we were chatting, something reminded me of Mary's post about a fun use for fresh scraps.

It just so happens that The Junior Quilter recently got a new dolly.  Doll Baby and JQ are currently inseparable.  When I asked if Doll Baby needed a quilt, she said no.  :o((

Well, that didn't go as expected!  Then, I asked JQ a different question.  "If I made Doll Baby a quilt, what color should it be?"

JQ responded, "Blue."

That's more like it!  There are even some Light/Bright BLUE scraps still on the sewing table.  (As noted at the beginning of the post, that's the color I've been playing with during April.)

SEW... This should be fairly easy!  :o))

On Wednesday morning, I saw that Mary @ Making Scrap Quilts from Stash had finished the doll quilt she made for her granddaughter Mo's Shirley doll this week.  I've got TONS of scraps!!  I also LOVE the satisfaction of a fast finish.

Here I go!!!

First, I chose some sweet scraps from my niece's wedding quilt:

Next, in a departure from my norm, I pieced the columns:

Then, I assembled the columns into a completed quilt top:

Now, it's Friday afternoon and it's time to choose the backing fabric.  This one combines ALL of the Junior Quilter's favorite colors.  Original favorite, yellow.  Transitional favorite, purple.  Current favorite... BLUE:

 Here is the little quilt all layered up:

Obviously, the actual quilting comes next.  Can I get this done before the thunderstorm hits?  Yes!  The quilting is complete...

... But binding will have to wait until after dinner:

Not long after...

It's done!  The binding has been applied and sewn down:

11" x 13.5"

I tried a different method of affixing my label:

Here's a shot of the front and back together:

Ready to deliver to Doll Baby:

That was fun.  A little quilt for a little person with a little doll baby.  :o))

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Until next time...
SEW sweet!!!


  1. Sew sweet! You must be taking a cue from me -- quick finishes give quick satisfaction.

  2. Aw, what a sweet, fast little project! I'm sure Doll Baby is enjoying warm snuggles under his/her new quilt :)

  3. That is a very sweet doll-baby quilt!

  4. Not only do I love your sweet little doll quilt, I love the way you know how to communicate with your JQ -- that reminded me of the very best kindergarten teachers. "If I made her a quilt, what color should it be?" LOVE.

  5. I like it!!! and I love that you were under pressure to beat the weather - it could be a weather vane quilt


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