Friday, May 29, 2020

Design Floor Friday - {1000th Post and} A Bigger Boat

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday and my 1000th post!!!  Over the holiday (U.S. Memorial Day) weekend, I built a bigger boat.  It started with my friend Denise grumbling about her overflowing Quilted Thread Catcher at one of our last Sew/Craft Friends-zy events and crossed craft lines last week.

Let me explain...

Last week, ZoomKNIT met twice.  During Friday's meeting, I showed my latest Quilted Scrap Basket.  Tracy commented that I had used "her" color and she loved it:

Later in the meeting, Tracy was showing us her latest project and 
said that she was having trouble fitting her multi-skeined knit project into her Quilted Yarn Bowl.  Her timing couldn't have been more perfect!

The scraps were at hand and I was in a basket-making kind of mood.


The next morning, I started in on "boat" construction:

DS1 helped me figure out the panel measurements for the new basket size and the design of the "made fabric" evolved over time:

Ultimately, the panel was assembled...

... And ready for quilting:

The quilting itself also evolved over time, as I had no set plans...

... But it, too, was eventually finished and trimmed up:

Basket shaping was the next step...

... Before the "Bigger Boat" was ready for binding:

By late Sunday afternoon, I had completed "A Bigger Boat" {Tracy's BIGGER (Birthday) Yarn Bowl}, using the same binding for it as I used on my own Dark GREEN Quilted Scrap Basket:

My only regret is that I didn't add a "coping strip" along the top edge of the "made" panel, since squaring up the quilted base resulted in decapitating the bird on a special scrap that was included:

I was especially pleased to hear that Tracy particularly liked the peas in a pod fabric that I included:

I might as well show you the final side of the piece...

... Along with the proof that this can double as a (better fitting) hat:

Win your own "Bigger Boat" by leaving a comment specifying what color you would like, if Mr. Random draws your number.  The winner will be chosen on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 @ 9 PM.  Attention:  If you are a No Reply Blogger, please make sure to include your email address, so that I can contact you.

Sorry!!! The drawing is CLOSED!!!

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Until next time...
QUILT to gift!!!


  1. I need a few new baskets, this boat size may be in my future.

  2. Love the last pic! You're a hoot. Love the pics of your bigger boat project. Happy Friday!

  3. Thanks for sharing your “boat” project! I’m still using my other method, but would like to try yours. How much math is involved to figure out the corners? Guess I’ll try winging it when I get my crumb/slab blocks used up! My friends think I ought to teach a class, when and if we all get to meet again!

  4. Your alternate use really cracked me up! Love that you are using green scraps the same time I am!!! And heck, I'm back to quilting!!!

  5. I'm going to have to make some 'boats' at some point, just because! Love the inside fabric. Must go back to work..... sigh, how come I always want to play with fabric when it is work time?

  6. Ha, ha, that last picture is fantastic!

  7. Hurrah for another wonderful "bigger" boat. Well done. Too bad for the bird. (It always happens to me too.) ;^)

  8. What a wonderful gift, perfectly designed for Tracy. I was admiring the perfectly positioned bird until I saw the next picture. Chopping off the head sounds like something I would do. Love the final picture!

  9. Woo hoo! 1000! Congrats on such a big milestone! Great "boat," too. Hm, I wonder if I can convince DH to get a bigger boat when I get to 1000 posts? More room for fabric :)

  10. Congrats on a 1000 posts! Love the new basket/hat combination. Enjoy playing with your scraps this week.

  11. Oh my gosh - that is a great bigger boat - or hat ha ha!! and aren't you so sweet to make it for you friend! and wow 1000 posts - did you ever think you had that much to share? and Blues!

  12. Cute 'boat'. RED (or blue or purple or yellow). Wow, 1000 posts!

  13. I love your bigger boat/hat! No need to enter me in the drawing - I just wanted to comment about how productive you’ve been lately! xoxo


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