Saturday, May 30, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 22

Welcome to Week 22 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!!  I'm here to share the Dark GREEN scrappy bits that I've been playing with this week.  Fair warning!  I've been busy.  Even though, I resisted when Angela announced May's Color of the Month, I warmed to the idea and made the most of it.

SUNDAY - I released a Special Post today.  If YOU like Patchwork and Quilts, you may want to visit.  This afternoon, I finished up this quilted slab panel:

MONDAY - Angela gave the RSC Quilters a sneak preview of the June color reveal a bit early.  The new color is:


I made use of the time while dinner was cooking.  I trimmed up the Step 1 HSTs for my Unity Quilt.  Better late than never, especially since there is a tiny bit of Dark(ish) GREEN in some of the fabric:

After dinner, I noticed that my RSC blocks for May weren't done.  I chose the fabrics weeks ago, but still no blocks!  I made a start:

Yes, blocks, plural.  I have added Preeti's Picket Stars to my repertoire.  I only need NINE to make a good sized donation quilt!  I think I can manage that, don't you?  Here's the first step:

TUESDAY - I worked on my Picket Star block in Dark GREEN...

... And stopped just shy of finishing it up:

Since Angela is starting in on the new color, I thought I would share the PINK scraps that I have to work with:

WEDNESDAY - While it appears to be my regular Stash Buster Challenge block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge...

... This morning, I discovered that I have apparently started ANOTHER new quilt...

... Or I'll need to make a date with my seam ripper, followed by one with my rotary cutter, in order to get the block down to the correct size:

This week's Quarantine Chronicles post was released this evening.  It may be the last one for a while, as North Carolina has gone into Phase Two of re-opening the state and I'm feeling the need to stop (or at least pause) the series.

THURSDAY - This was the morning for my ZoomBEE meeting:

Oh!  I opted to just make a new block with the pieces cut from 2" strips (as opposed to the 2.5" strips the big block used.)  Here is my new block...

... With its scrappy friends...

... You can see why one should use the SAME ruler throughout a project, as the block came out ever so slightly smaller than the others.

I put my Dark GREEN Picket Star block together this afternoon:

FRIDAY - This morning, I released a new Design Floor Friday post.  (My 1000th post!!!)  Can you guess what I made?!  Here's a preview:

SATURDAY - Technically, today is the LAST Saturday for playing with our Dark GREEN scraps.  I'm guessing most of the RSC Quilters have already moved on.  What do you bet?!  Let's go check out Angela's LINK PARTY @ So Scrappy to see!

Until next time...


  1. I missed pink - your projects are looking great - I am sew green with envy

  2. Your green stars look great! And glad you got the scrapbuster block figured out, too. I'm excited about pink this month!

  3. Preeti’s Picket stars are just awesome. I am wanting to make some right now but so far staying focused. Your pink pile looks like fun and yes there’s a great example of cutting, piecing, and using the same ruler for accuracy.

  4. Oh, that Picket Star is an interesting block! (Studying on it a little too closely for my own good...)

  5. All your green blocks look great! And your pink fabrics are cute, it's going to be fun to sew some pink!
    Thank you for the highlight ;)

  6. ahhh you get sew much done. I like Preeti's picket block but haven't done one yet. Yours look great

  7. Another busy week. Your dark green blocks look great. I really want to make those Picket Star blocks, even have a whole RSC quilt designed using them. But till I work done the UFO pile, I'll just have to watch your project come together.

  8. I can't believe you made the block the wrong size! I'm guessing it was a 2.5" vs 2" mix-up with the smaller pieces? Glad you were able to figure it out eventually :)

  9. Just looked back and sure enough! I missed Angela's Monday & Tuesday posts. That's OK though because I still had green blocks to finish up ... and sadly still do! I WILL get them finished!!! Too funny about your Stash Buster blocks ... and aggravating! Glad you made an executive decision and made the correct size. I also love your Picket Stars. Have a great week!

  10. I'm glad you just made another block. Now you have an orphan block for something (maybe another green basket).

  11. Slabs and Stars and Chains...Oh my! What a lot of goodies. I'm glad pink came around for this month. We all need to be in the pink!

  12. Two stashbuster quilts, too funny!This sounds so like something I do...often. Picket stars looking great.


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