Sunday, May 31, 2020

Hands2Help - 5/31 - Finished Quilt Link-Up

H2H 2020

As it turns out, I mailed one quilt off to a participating organization and another one two to non-participating charities.

Mercyful Quilts is receiving my "Ella" Quilt in honor of Paula @ Paula B Quilts on Blogger and/or Paula B Quilts @ Wordpress.

This little quilt was mailed off to Little Lou Quilts soon after Sarah announced this year's Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Drive:

Jack's Basket in honor of Paula @ Paula B Quilts:

When this quilt was completed, I wasn't sure where it would be headed.  I was having trouble deciding which of this year's participants should/would receive this little quilt.

As time passed, I switched gears.  I needed to prepare my post in memory of my blogger friend, Paula B.  Reading thru what I had prepared I recalled my desire to contribute to one of her favorite charities.  This quilt will serve as a trifecta.

It will go to Jack's Basket.  The quilt will count in this year's totals for Hands2Help.  Most importantly, it will serve to honor Paula's mission to make quilts to give.

Prior to packaging them up for shipping, they took a spin thru the washer and dryer:

Time passed...

Then came the day that I prepared them for shipping.  That's when things got a little crazy!

I started with the quilt for Jack's Basket:

Bagged and boxed:

That was easy!!

As I refolded my "Ella Quilt" to ship to Bernie for Mercyful Quilts, I detected a "shadowing" that I hadn't noticed when the quilt came out of the dryer:

Only a little dye migrated to the very lightest fabric in the quilt:

As I looked a little closer, I noticed...

... Something a bit more disturbing that simple shadowing:

OMG!!!  What are you going to do NOW, Joyful?!?!

Vicki Welch  to the rescue.  Her article Save My Bleeding Quilt has been touted in BlogLand as quite the life saver.  Well, at the very least, a quilt saver.  :o))

After a soak in a THIRD tubful of HOT water, the fabric stopped bleeding:

I missed taking a photo of the worst of the dye run off, but after the prescribed time, I drained the water for the final time and took the quilt to the washing machine for a final rinse.  Followed by another spin in the dryer. The treatment was a success and it was time for packaging the quilt up:

Bagged to protect against potential water damage:

Stacked with a few of its friends:

And hauling it to the post office.


These were the participating charities in this year's Hands2Help 2020 Comfort Quilt Challenge:

  1.  Quilts of Compassion
  2.  Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo
  3.  Caregivers Quilt Initiative
  4.  Mercyful Quilts
  5.  Quilts for Cure (Sorry! No longer accepting donations, per Sarah on 5/19/20.)
  6.  Little Lambs Foundation

Each organization has their own list of requirements for the quilts they hope to receive.  You will choose based on the quilt size and style that you prefer to make.  Sarah also allows for donations to your own favorite LOCAL charities, if postage will be a problem for you.

Linking up my THREE quilts with Sarah
The Final Hands2Help Check-In

Until next time...
QUILT Some Comfort!!!


  1. I've had so many quality fabrics bleed, that I pre-wash (and check) all the fabric that I use. Glad you got yours fixed.

  2. So glad you found the bleed and have the bleeding stopped. I have had great luck in removing bleeds with Dawn (just as Vicki stated in her article). It is easy to find even in a small grocery. ~Jeanne

  3. Beautiful donation quilts! Glad you were able to correct the bleed and send it to its new home!

  4. Pretty quilts - and I'm glad you got the bleeding issue fixed! Love it when tips from fellow fabric folks come to the rescue!

  5. Your quilts are wonderful, Joy (despite the washing trauma!) Thanks for being part of Hands2Help 2020!

  6. Such wonderful work, and so awesome you were able to remove the bleeding. I've resorted to that a few times, too. Guess that's what I get for liking jewel tones!


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