Friday, May 22, 2020

Design Floor Friday - {Quilted Basket} Challenge Accepted!!

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday?!!  On Saturday, Judy @ Busy Hands are Happy Hands called me out on a challenge that I set when Dark GREEN month began at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

You see, there were a few of us who were somewhat less than thrilled when Angela called for playing with our Dark GREEN scraps during May.  (No worries, Angela!  We're coping.)

I offhandedly issued a challenge to Judy.  And now, she called me on it:

Are you still up for your challenge of a green scrap basket. I am going to do a second one! Join in if you wish, and we will share next Saturday, the23rd!

How could one NOT rise to the occasion?!?!

Here was my response:

Challenge accepted!! It's an "off" week for Project QUILTING, so that won't factor into the mix. Plus, two of my three projects for next month's Blog Hop are nearly finished. There's NO REASON that I can't put a Quilted Scrap Basket into this week's quilting line-up! I appreciate the reminder, Judy.

The scraps:

The making of the "made fabric" panel:

Pairs on the design floor:

All stacked up and ready to trim:

Trimmed pairs on the design floor to get an idea of how many more Dark GREEN scrap pairs need to be made:

The basket panel...

... Got added onto, since it was about 4 inches too short:

With the top done, I turned to my GREEN fabric cubbie:

I chose three lining options:

... Before remembering that I had a quarter of a drawer filled with green fabrics, too:


I searched through and found another three potential choices:

I also selected a batting off-cut to be Franken-batting'd together (but that doesn't make for an exciting (or even interesting) photo.  :P

I really like the middle fabric in the first photo, but quilted...

... The basket panel up using that crazy fabric in the foreground.  What ELSE would I have done with it?!?!  Once it was trimmed, I moved on to the shaping.  First, in 2-D...

... Then, it became a 3-D object...

... In need of binding.  Which was a process in and of itself.  With (another) THREE options.

One was too bright:

One was too dull:

Ding, ding, ding!!!  We have a winner.  This one was just right:

Here is my Dark GREEN Quilted Scrap Basket, bound and done:

And, of course, filled to capacity:

Thanks, Judy!  Now, another corner of my table has been cleared:

I was feeling really good about my progress and so excited to see that free cutting space, that I put even MORE stuff away:

And here is a LINK to Judy's answer to our challenge.  This was SEW much fun (and a great way to spur a finish, too.)  Thanks, Judy!

Sharing with Cynthia


With Kelly

Until next time...
Go, GREEN!!!

The outtake...  It was raining for 3 days and there wasn't enough light to get a good (color accurate) photo inside.  Maybe I've lost my head!


  1. That basket turned out great, Joy! You've got a lot of great greens. Fun post to read!

  2. That basket looks really great, even if it's not made with one of your most un-favourite colours in the stash.

  3. Cute basket, but that last photo made me grin.

  4. Haha--that last photo!?! I just finished reading Judy's blog, so it was interesting to read yours and see your basket next! Great job rising up to the challenge, Joy!!!

  5. What a great way to model the basket! Hahaha! BTW, that basket is awesome. You go, girl!! I

  6. Lol. You're having a lot of fun with this green basket, even using it as a hat. I had picked the same fabric for the lining as you and for the same reason. That's funny too. Congrats on a great job! ;^)

  7. Hey, maybe you can market these baskets as the solution for Quarantine Hair! Just pop one on your head and cover up any old dye jobs or attempts by family members to trim bangs :)

  8. So fun. You use a completely different technique than I do. I’ll have to try one with binding on the top! How big did your finish?

  9. great green basket... have you turned into a basket case???? looks like it in that last picture

  10. Oh, Joy, this is great! You get extra points this week for using up scraps, using the color of the month, rising to a challenge, and modeling a basket on your head! Perfect!

  11. LOL what a hoot that last photo is! Doesn't it feel good to use some scraps and then even more so when your cutting table is cleaned up:0

  12. Thank you for sharing that last photo! It made me laugh out loud and certainly put a smile on my face! Great way to nail the basket challenge!

  13. Great hat, but a bit big ;) I finally found my cutting mat last week. I'd lost fabric for binding 2 different baby quilts, and finally found it as I put up the last of the fabric from a couple of other projects. I really need to make some colored baskets for scraps. Then maybe I'd use some of the scraps. Right now they are in gallon ziplocks in a large plastic tub. Too much trouble to get into.

  14. It looks like a lot of us are cleaning off our cutting tables. Your green basket is wonderful! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  15. I love the idea of these fabric baskets, and as for the final photo, such a hoot!


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