Monday, May 18, 2020

Mini Monday - Extreme {Made} GREEN

Welcome to another edition of Mini Monday!!  This weekend, I took a layer or two off my sewing table.  The first order of business was pairing up a stack of Dark GREEN bits and pieces for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

Then I practiced some extreme scrap use.  The strips for this mini have been sitting beside my sewing machine for months!  As evidence, I present this photo from back in January:

It was time to get them sewn down (as they kept falling off when I was powering thru a stack of HSTs for my niece's wedding quilt on Friday night.


Saturday night, I pressed (seemingly) random strips onto a fusible base.

NOTE TO SELF:  Add a fabric backing (or use a pressing cloth) BEFORE ironing pieces onto a thin fusible product!!  Your ironing board will thank you.

I found that I couldn't stop there.  Would you believe that I was up sewing until midnight?!?!  I just HAD to finish quilting this little scrappy mini:

Once the skinny strips were pressed onto the base, I layered the piece with batting and then decided that I would "quilt on" the extra bits with a backing in place:

When I was done, I trimmed the edges:

On Sunday afternoon, I found a scrap for binding...

... That works with both sides:

Oh!  That's right... I forgot to take a picture when I was designing the back of this little quilt.  Thanks to Diane (or Jean?  Ruth S?) for passing along the extra blocks!  Whichever one contributed them, she probably wouldn't recognize them now.  I trimmed quite a bit off to fit the back of my new mini quilt.

Gratuitous Gallery Wire shot...

... And one showcasing the flip side:

Special thanks to Darlene Michaud who popped up in my YouTube feed several months ago with this interesting technique for turning narrow scraps into new fabric.  I will warn you, she's a little "out there".  (Meaning she's even crazier about using scraps than I am!)  However, this technique fascinated me.  I just HAD to give it a try.

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  1. That is so pretty--and greens are my fav! Is that the IKEA cable I see it hanging on? Every time I've been there I've wanted to get that but couldn't quite find a good reason. THIS seems to be a very good reason! Of course, it's a 3-hour drive that I won't be making anytime soon so I'll just have to file that away.

  2. I love those greens, and then you had to go and add some curves. Oooh, it moves and it's happy. Love it!

  3. This is a particularly cool piece, Joy! I love the curves and the great depth of different greens. It reminds me of hosta plants :)

  4. What a sweet mini! Love the ribbons of green on the green background. Great job, Joy! 💚

  5. Great little mini quilt and I love the wire you have.... just the inspiration I need for doing something in my sewing room....

  6. Great, green, garnished finish!

  7. How much fun is that little green bean! What a great way to let your creativity flow.

  8. Oh, now, that is really cool! I love the curved strips winding through the background. Great mini, Joy!


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