Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Quarantine Chronicles - Corona Style - Week 8

Welcome to another edition of Quarantine Chronicles!!  This post is my response to our current global health crisis.  It's my record of the Lockdown Life.  It's May, already!  Can you believe we've been at this whole Stay-at-Home order thing for EIGHT weeks???  I don't think I had any idea self-isolation would go on this long.  I seriously want my life back!  Knowing that I couldn't cope with a daily post...

Corona-cation.  Week Eight.

This series began on as Thursday, March 19th.  Time is moving so quickly, even though each day seems as long as two!  Thanks for staying with me to see how the weeks are unfolding.

On Day FIFTY, Thursday, May 7th...

It's my favorite day of the week!  ZoomBEE met this morning:

Day Two of the Creating a Quilted Legacy Blog Hop.  Go visit!

News Update - Wednesday, May 6th North Carolina experienced it's largest one day increase in COVID-19 cases.

Day FIFTY-ONE, Friday, May 8th...

ZoomKNIT this morning.  Since we had so much trouble with our connection last week, I made sure to take pictures right when I joined in.  Six members were in attendance...

This is what the others saw when I was on the screen:

Linda has started a new project:

Beth was busy talking with her hands:

Stacy was feeling MUCH calmer today:

Cindy spent more time knitting than talking today:

Nicole was able to join us this morning:

It was good to see everyone, but we missed Tracy and Hilary today.

It's my STOP on the Hop!!  Day Three of the Creating a Quilted Legacy Blog Hop.  Go visit!  The prizes will be drawn after this coming Friday.  YOU still have a chance to enter to WIN!

Apparently I missed an important COVID-19 announcement on Tuesday, May 5th.  Friday, May 8th (that's today!) will begin North Carolina's Phase 1 reopening.  In this phase, businesses that make social distancing difficult will remain closed.  Restaurants will continue to serve take-out and delivery orders only.  Gyms, barbershops, nail salons, and entertainment venues are scheduled to reopen as part of Phase 2.

Day FIFTY-TWO, Saturday, May 9th...

This morning, I linked-up with Angela and the RSC Quilters for ScrapHappy Saturday.  The afternoon was filled with several hours of computer work.  Followed by one surprise...

... After another:

My Mother's Day gift.  :o))

DS1 came home to witness the (surprise) return of DS2 this afternoon.  He's been gone since the middle of January and has now been returned to us!  Well, DH did have to go retrieve him from my MIL's house, since she served as the rest stop after his long journey.

Day FIFTY-THREE, Sunday, May 10th...

Happy Mother's Day to all whom the occasion applies.

Day FIFTY-FOUR, Monday, May 11th...

Today, Bonnie Hunter released the seventh step of UNITY: The Quiltville Sew-in-Place QAL and I'm no closer to beginning my version of her quilt than I was 7 weeks ago!  :o((

My goal is to come up with an abbreviated version of the Sew-in-Place UNITY QAL.  The resulting quilt will be something that (vaguely) resembles this segment of Bonnie's quilt:

One of these days, I'll make a start on it.  Today is NOT that day.

It's time for another Mini Monday post!  :o))

What's that??  You would like a preview?  OK.  Here it is:

I had a visitor this morning.  We visited through the storm door and here SZQ is showing me her home grown haircut:

Day FIFTY-FIVE, Tuesday, May 12th...

I released a new Tidy Up Tuesday post.  Here's a preview:

Day FIFTY-SIX, Wednesday, May 13th...

If all else fails, I've completed something that I can call this week's Q.4 Challenge piece.  It's not my REAL entry, but if I don't get my small wall hanging done, I have finished this qualifying mug rug:

~6.5" wide x 4.5" tall

This afternoon, I had a visit from my friend Candy.  She had fabric scraps to share with me:

Thanks, Candy!  Sorry... I seem to have forgotten the rules of taking a selfie.  I blame the cloud cover, as I couldn't see the screen.


There you have it.  I've survived another week of this corona craziness!  I traded one kind of busy (the going and doing) for another (the sewing and quilting - at my own pace.)  How are YOU managing?  Here's hoping that you are doing well.

Until next time...
That's it for Week EIGHT!

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  1. It's cool that you are getting so much socializing in during this time. I'm glad you are able to spend time with fabric, too. We all need that! Stay well!


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