Saturday, May 2, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 18

Welcome to Week 18 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  It was transition week for the RSC Quilters.  Participants are finishing up their Light /Bright BLUE sewing and will be switching to a new color on Friday.

SUNDAY - I spent the day writing blog posts, but I do have something BLUE to share.  Preeti @ Sew Preeti Quilts recently posted her Picket Star tutorial.  It wouldn't leave me alone!  It kept calling and calling me.  Finally, I gave it a try last night:

... And ended up with an Oops!  I should know better than to try to sew right before bedtime.  The block isn't supposed to be like this:

After engaging the assistance of my seam ripper, I have a lovely Picket Star block.  Just THREE more blocks and I will have a good sized quilt for a small baby:

MONDAY - I thought I was DONE with Light/Bright BLUE, but yesterday's Q.3 challenge release for the Quarantine Limited Edition of Project Quilting changed my mind.  This lovely linen toile will (somehow) fit into my plan:

TUESDAY - Progress on my niece's wedding quilt:

I saved the teal, turquoise, and green strips for another day, but cut out all of the BLUE pieces:

WEDNESDAY - Last night I put together this little wall hanging using some Light BLUE (mixed with other shades of) scraps:

I played with a few other scraps of Light/Bright BLUE, but will share those with you in the coming days.

THURSDAY - This week's ZoomBEE went well.  Nearly every member was in attendance.  It's SEW good to see everyone!

Blog writing and playing with these scraps happened after the meeting:

While I know who the recipient will be,  I'm not exactly sure where this piece is heading, yet.  Only time will tell...

FRIDAY - It's a new month.  With the arrival of May, a new Color of the Month is in order.  Alas, Angela appears to be holding out on us.

What's a quilter to do?!?!

I continued with BLUE:

Angela announced the Color of the Month for May:


Color me SHOCKED!!!  I was really expecting (and truly hoping for) a warm color this time around.  Oh, well!  Like I told Angela in my comment on her post, "... No worries, though.  I have a SCRAP ton of Dark GREEN!"

Honestly, I don't even have to dig them out.  They are already littering half of my cutting area!  I guess that means a Dark GREEN Quilted Scrap Basket is in my future.

Oh!  I also released a new Design Floor Friday post.

SATURDAY - The weekend is here.  It's time for Angela's  Rainbow Scrap Challenge LINK PARTY over at So Scrappy.  I'm SEW looking forward to seeing what all of my RSC Quilter friends have been up to this week.

Here are the Dark GREEN scraps that I will be playing with this month:

My hand is included in the photo above to show the stack of scraps is taller than hand-height.  That means that I have more than a 6" deep pile of Dark GREEN scraps to play in this month.  Yep!  I've got plenty to keep me occupied for the foreseeable future.

Until next time...
SCRAP safely!!!


  1. your greens look fun and the blues are lovely

  2. I like where that blue block is going! On to greens!

  3. I know exactly how it happens when you just HAVE to try a new block, like Preeti's picket star! That one is calling to me, too. Yours looks great, Joy!

  4. Such pretty greens! You did really good with blue this week. I'm wondering what pattern the wedding quilt will be with those blue triangles.

  5. Wow, you've been sew busy with those blues this week! LOVING the pile of luscious greens you have. I'll be headed towards green in around noon today -- time for mowing the lawn. I LOVE to mow!!! It's my ME time (besides sewing). Great blog post with all those references and shout outs. That takes time too. Have a great day!

  6. I love your picket star, and that toile would fit right in at my house. I am Zoomed out, but a Zoom bee sounds like fun! Have a good time with those greens!

  7. Your picket star is awesome! Those are on my list now, too! Like you, I was shocked (dismayed) at the May color (as I was for April’s light blue following aqua). I feel like I’m in a sea-colored rut. Time to inject some of our own colors into the scrappy mix! Have a great week.

  8. I expect to see lots of goodness with your favorite color!

  9. Oh I guess there'll be no green manicure this next week for you. Oh well, we will live without. Enjoy the new color! ;^)

  10. I too was surprised about the new color. I checked my blocks from last year and we only had one session of green. Do you think Angela is really getting into her Snails Trails quilt and assigning colors she can use? I wouldn't blame her but I sensed another green month when she told us to hold on to our sage greens for another time. Oh well, we shall see, won't we? Lol! Gorgeous Picket Star block. Chuckled over the OOPS moment. We've certainly all been there!

  11. Lots of lovely blue to close out April. Can't wait to see what you do with your greens...

  12. So much quilty fun going on in your studio and life, Joy! Love that toile!!!

  13. Love that Picket Star block! That's a new one for me. I can see why you couldn't resist it. I miss your RSC color-coordinated nail polish. Did you always get them done at a salon?

  14. I couldn't resist the Picket Star either! In fact I pestered poor Preeti for details on Instagram when she first posted that block. She probably did the tutorial to make me quit hounding her! :D
    I felt exactly the same when I saw dark Green for this month - ugh! I feel like I've been drowning in greens and blues.

  15. You sure like to take a scenic route, Joy!!! Beautiful block and thank you for the shout-out :-) Hunter Green isn't my favorite but I am imagining your nails painted a shiny bottle green :-p


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