Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Quarantine Chronicles - Corona Style - Week 10

Welcome to another edition of Quarantine Chronicles!!  This post is my response to the ongoing pandemic.  It's my record of the Lockdown Life.  We're nearly at the end of May.  It doesn't seem possible!  Can you believe we've been at this whole Stay-at-Home order thing for TEN weeks???  How did THAT happen?!?!  At least, I've got my quilting to keep me company!  Knowing that I couldn't cope with a daily post...

Corona-cation.  Week Ten.

This series began on as Thursday, March 19th.  Time is moving so quickly, even though each day seems as long as two!  Thanks for staying with me to see how the weeks are unfolding.

On Day SIXTY-FOUR, Thursday, May 21st...

It's my favorite day of the week!  ZoomBEE met this morning:

Jean provided the group photo shown above.  It's our weekly record of those who were in attendance.

Disaster struck!!  I made a rookie mistake.  After FOUR years on the longarm?!  Working thru the issue and hoping to be back up and running soon.  :o((

Day SIXTY-FIVE, Friday, May 22nd...

ZoomKNIT this morning.  You guessed it!  I was late...  Again!  Six  Seven members were in attendance...

This is what the others saw when I was on the screen...

... And Tracy taught me how to make it so that everyone was there at the same time:






And, somewhat late in the game, Nicole joined us:

I guess that means it's time for another group picture:

I released a new Design Floor Friday post!!  Here's a preview:

Tonight starts Phase 2 of North Carolina's reopening.  That doesn't really change anything for me.  I'm still staying home the majority of the time.

Day SIXTY-SIX, Saturday, May 23rd...

This morning, I linked-up with Angela and the RSC Quilters for ScrapHappy Saturday.  This evening?  I did speed piecing on a special birthday gift.

Day SIXTY-SEVEN, Sunday, May 24th...

Here is a LINK to the final challenge of Project QUILTING Quarantine Edition that was issued this afternoon.  I started working up an idea and then finished up a gift that I've been working on.  (Sorry, Belinda!  It's not yours.  YET!!)

Day SIXTY-EIGHT, Monday, May 25th...

Bonnie Hunter's Unity Sew-At- Home QAL is complete.  The final step was released last week.  Let's make a start, shall we?

I would LOVE to, but...

Look who I ran into at the coffee shop:

It's Memorial Day and I made plans to meet-up for the Great Toilet Paper Exchange!!!

Day SIXTY-NINE, Tuesday, May 26th...

According to an article in today's News & Observer, due to the ongoing problem of wipes, facial tissues, paper towels, and wash rags found clogging pumps in the water system, our town is currently giving away Eco-Wise 2-ply toilet paper to any water & sewer customer FREE of charge.

I tried a new-to-me mask pattern tonight:

Thanks to my friend Graylagran for sending me the video link:

The exterior fabric is from another friend's gifted scrap bag:

The interior is scraps from one T-Quilt or another:

I made some incorrect assumptions about the pattern and wrote down the wrong measurement for the elastic.  This is me.  Holding my ears back so the mask doesn't pop off my face:

I'm DEFINITELY trying this one, again!  I now know to mark the corners from the seam line NOT from the edge of the piece.  I also wrote down the correct elastic measurement AND made a note to include the nose wire BEFORE top stitching the pre-shaped mask closed.  Speaking of elastic... Thank you to Sandy @ Sew High blog for sharing some of her spool with me.

Day SEVENTY, Wednesday, May 27th...

Last night, I came across this recent article about states with uncontrolled instances of the novel coronavirus.  North Carolina is on that list (and we're in Phase Two of re-opening.)  Combine these two things and you've got the recipe for a perfect storm.  YIKES!!

I started on my fourth cloth face mask last night.


I forgot to take a photo.  Making the changes that I noted and ended up with this:

The exterior is a recycled J. Crew shirt that I've used several times during the last month or so:

The interior is another off-cut shirt from one of my T-Quilts:


There you have it.  I've survived another week of this corona craziness!  The end of 10 weeks of staying home!!!  I'm going to continue staying home, however, this may be the last Quarantine Chronicles post for a while, as North Carolina has gone into Phase Two of re-opening the state.  I'm feeling the need to stop (or at least pause) the series.  Perhaps, I'll take it to a monthly post until things are fully back to normal.  I'm not sure.

Until next time...
Stay well and keep QUILTING!!!


  1. I believe that the TP exchange is the highlight of this post :-D
    YIKES indeed. I alternate between cautiously optimistic and morbidly devastated. Stay safe, Joy. Sending big hugs from a safe distance away.

  2. Early on my husband and I were wondering who would have septic problems because of the toilet paper issues... We didn't think about sewer problems. Woohoo on the free TP! You have to make light of all this. Press on, Joy!

  3. Our state is pretty much open at this point, with the recommended restrictions in place. Though you'd never know it by watching people out and about, no masks, no efforts to social distance. Other than going to work, getting groceries we are staying home as much as possible. Stay well and stitch on.


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