Saturday, June 13, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 24

Welcome to Week 24 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  The RSC Quilters are in the thick of working through their PINK scraps.  SEW am I.  Wanna see?  Keep reading.

Here is how this week went...

SUNDAY - Yesterday's Mask Marathon led me to make ONE MORE in an extra large size today.  This little flap is the magic of the fit:

MONDAY - Hometown Meet-Up this morning at the coffee shop.  Look at me!  I'm knitting, again.  Oh, wait!  You can't because I forgot to take even ONE picture.  :o((

I dropped off these masks made on Saturday afternoon:

Plus, yesterday's afterthought:


The verdict came in.  The family LOVED the masks.  Yay!!  I call that a success.  :o))

During the afternoon and evening hours, I focused on some Secret Sewing, shown here in grayscale not to spoil the surprise:

TUESDAY - This morning, I did some PINK sewing:

Later in the day, I released a new edition of Tutorial Tuesday.  If you already have a favorite method of mask making, just skip it.  If not, head over for the details.

I spent a portion of the evening working on this PINK Kitchen Quilt:

I went through a whole series of border options before deciding on what you see above.

WEDNESDAY - I worked on all the PINK things this afternoon!  Kitchen Quilt now a complete top ready for quilting:

Quilted Scrap Basket in PINK?  Yep!  The final row was added not long before dinner:

I rummaged through my batting scraps and made some Franken-Batting for all three.  Here is the one for the PINK mini for the Gallery Wire:

Anyone know how to tell the difference between the "right side" and the wrong "side" of Quilters Dream GREEN quilt batting?!?!  That's what I found to use inside my PINK Quilted Scrap Basket:

THURSDAY - It was ended up being my day to "host" ZoomBEE.  That just means that I had to designate the order for Show and Tell.  Here is this week's group portrait:

After the majority left the meeting, a few of us chatted on and were joined by a friend who missed the majority of the meeting:

After lunch, I began quilting my PINK Gallery Wire Mini.  The photo below was taken prior to deciding what to do about the borders:

I also stabilized the PINK Kitchen Quilt:

FRIDAY - I started my day with my ZoomKNIT friends.  It was a small group today:

Design Floor Friday post???  The making of a PINK Quilted Scrap Basket?  Nope!  That wasn't the finish for the day, but here's a preview of what you'll see:

When I turned off the studio lights tonight, I was THISCLOSE to ANOTHER mini finish!!  (Close, but no cigar, as my grandmother would say.).  This month's Kitchen Quilt only needed to be trimmed and bound:

SATURDAY - We made it to another weekend.  You KNOW what that means, don't you?!  It's time for Angela's weekly LINK PARTY for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I'm looking forward to seeing the PINK projects the other RSC Quilters have been working on this week.  Race you there!!  :o))

Until next time...
SCRAP safely!!!


  1. It's amazing how fast the weeks go when we fill them full with sewing and friends, even if the friends are all on Zoom! Your kitchen quilt is looking adorable - love all the pink!

  2. You have used so many pretty pinks! I dont seem to have alot of variety. LOVE LOVE the yellow with pink polka dots!

  3. You are so productive! Love the terms zoombee and zoomknit!
    So much beautiful pinkness!

  4. You have done a great job in pink! 2 little finishes in a week (I know you will finish off the kitchen sink today!)! Love that fairy in the kitchen sink by the way.

  5. Love all the pinks! That slab for a scrap basket is delicious. The mini is gorgeous too!

  6. Wow, you are “in the PINK”! Loving your Kitchen Quilt! I think I must have missed a post or two! What is a Kitchen Quilt!? Inquiring minds want to know!

  7. Pretty pink projects. Thanks for another favorite mask pattern. I am still making them one at a time... I told my sister-in-law I was going to make her a minimal mask in which it covers the nose/mouth with regular materials, but was like mesh (in mens' swimsuits) for the rest of it to make it cooler for her at the potato chip factory.

    Love your photo of your knitting group-- LOL!

    The pink quilting close-up photo is awesome!

    Franken-batting... I totally forgot you used that cute name for it. It's what's in my #SSSSQ. Time to use all those scraps.

  8. Love your week wrap-up posts. You sure manage to squeeze quite a bit in. Loved your pink mini that now hangs on the wire. Great job1

  9. ha! I just realized the pun, zoombee... your pinks are delish and that flap mask is ingenious

  10. Anything with a fairy is wonderful if you ask me!

  11. What a lot of pink! Your mini quilt is sweet; maybe I'll use up some of my sew and flip off-cut triangles in a mini (or a hundred!) I hope your pink scrap bin is a finish soon.

  12. Lots of fun pink sewing happening at your house! Thanks for the mask tutorial. I am always looking for better ways to make them. Have a good week!

  13. Oh, Oh, Oh, that was my new fabric basket! I love it. I got photos, but haven't had time to blog about it yet. It's sitting by my Janome and holding the threads that I used to quilt some little things.


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