Monday, June 29, 2020

Mini Monday - Mickey says... RELAX!!!

Welcome to another edition of Mini Monday!!  I shared the starting point last week, but...

Thanks to Nann @ With Strings Attached, I made progress on this "Mickey says..." mini made from leftovers from last week's Big Blue Scrap Basket and these free-hand drawn letters:

The making...

I did some "made fabric" LAST year, but didn't find it until I was loading the dark blue scraps into my latest Quilted Scrap Basket:

The smaller slab was used for my Pineapple Pieces block and the larger piece was used in the making of Skinny Bin Deluxe, but I still had a good sized chunk leftover from the making of Big Blue.  I arranged the (paper) letters...

... Then chose fabric scraps and cut:

Next, I pinned the letters in place, since I didn't use fusible:

Once at the machine, I did a straight stitch around the edges of the letters, through the batting and backing...

... And prepared to add the quilting:

First, by echoing the beginning, middle(ish), and end of the word, as the spacing didn't allow for more than that...

... Then, by outlining the shape of the word.  Multiple times:

In the photo above, you can see that the quilting was followed by squaring up and prepping the binding.  While below, the completed mini is shown, ready for gifting:

The delivery...

Before leaving for the party, I took a quick shot with the lily blooming by the mailbox, even though the lighting didn't show the true colors like the photo above:

YOU might have seen the other gift in Friday's Design Floor Friday post.  Today, I'm sharing the second part of the gift.

Love, love, LOVE the recipient's "Oh!  Look at this!" reaction:

The retiree, with her gifts:

The masked maker, with the retiree and her gifts:

These gifts were DrEAMI projects.  I'm SEW excited to be able to link-up with Sandra @ mmmquilts.

Why, Joyful???

Because of these reasons:
  1. I chose to DropEverythingAndMakeIt!!!
  2. I actually remembered the link-up this time.
  3. PLUS, I made the deadline for joining in.  (Always the challenge for me.)
Whooping it up with Sarah



Until next time...
SEW much fun!!!


  1. Your "relax" is, well, lively! (And I am flattered. The third recipient received hers today and said she plans to relax and unwind when her retirement begins on Wednesday.)

  2. What a great gift for a retiree!

  3. Saw your link up on Sandra’s blog! Fantastic gift for your friend! Love the letters, very well made, and great quilting!
    I might be tempted to copy your idea!
    Smiles and hugs,
    Barbara xx

  4. Great quilt and great sentiment! We all need to relax more - retirement or not! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the font on those letter! They have a relaxed vibe for sure :)

  6. I love, love, love your RELAX mini! Your echo quilting really made the letters stand out. Good job making the deadline! Sandy at

  7. I forget deadlines too; like OMG a few times (and right now) even though I've finished it! Terrific little gift Joy, well-received by the look on her face! Thanks for linking up with DrEAMi!

  8. What a perfect word for a retirement party! ANd it certainly looks like she loved it!

  9. Congratulations on this cute little finished gift and for making it in time AND to link it too. You know I'm in love with this one. What's not to love it's blue AND orange! Unknown to you, it also has one of my favourite word. Great job! ;^)

  10. Cute little mini. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


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