Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tutorial Tuesday - Make {Easy} Masks

Welcome to another edition of Tutorial Tuesday!!  I have tried a number of mask patterns and hadn't found one that worked for my family.  The shaped pattern that I tried didn't provide enough nose to chin height for DH (whom I have taken to calling Muppet Man when he tries on a mask.) One basically fell right off and the other practically suffocated him. This one (after adding an inch to the height) fit his face just right and didn't fog up his glasses.

Here's the YouTube LINK.  That provides the basic method of construction.

I know that there's not really a need for ANOTHER mask tutorial, but I needed to record the alterations I made, so the easiest way to remember (or be able to find them) is to post them here on the blog.

Sample masks cut at the size described in the video (with elastic INCORRECTLY cut at 6.5") inadvertently yielded two Preteen/Adult Extra Small masks:

In the photo below, I'm holding my ears back so the mask doesn't fly off my face:

Since that was a bit of a fail, I went on to make some adjustments...

The photo below shows DH's mask with DS1's mask beneath.  The photo doesn't give a clear picture of the 3/4" difference in height between the two:

This is me, measuring for ear loop adjustments:

Here is the mask that I made for DS2 at the 7.5" size:

I made these masks and dropped them off with a friend:

** A family of masks in three different sizes.

** Adult Large on the left and Adult Medium on the right.

** A progress shot of three Adult Small masks.  (Note the fold lines for the ear loops.)

My mask was cut at the 7.5" size:

That Mask Marathon led me to make ONE MORE in an extra large size today:

The photo above shows the magic of this style of mask.

** One single Adult Extra Large mask.

Positive Feedback from Tracy...

"Family loves the masks.  DH claimed the biggest one, and DS likes the blue one with plaid.  He tried it on and said, "Cool" - which is high praise from a 14 yo boy.\, especially when describing a mask!  DD says hers is so pretty that she will not wear the disposable one again!"

Yay!!  I will call that a success.  :o))

The stats for cutting...

The measurements in the video are in metric. They translate roughly to the following:
2 - 7" x 10" rectangle with 6.5" ear loops (suitable for preteens and extra small adults)
Mark 1.5" up from the seam allowance at the corners (I use a cut of corner as a template, after cutting the first one)

I have sized up the pattern, as follows...

7.5" x 10" for women and teens 7" ear loops (7.5?)
8" x 10" for men with 8" ear loops
8.5" x 10" for rounder faces with 9" ear loops

I was told to use 10" of elastic (tied) for ear loops and 12" (tied) for large sizes. I adapted that for 1/2" to 3/4" t-shirt strips cut 7.5" sewn together to form a ring and stretched to roll. That part is still a bit of trial and error. You probably need 8" (possibly more) for the larger sized mask.

The ear loops are tucked into the 1/2" channel pressed at the short sides of the rectangle.

The video calls for 3/8" seam allowance and then calls for trimming. I just used a 1/4" seam and didn't do any trimming.

Adding a nose wire...

I don't recall if the video shows a nose wire being inserted, but a nose wire goes a long way toward insuring proper fit of your cloth face mask. I do that AFTER pressing the fold lines. BEFORE sound any edge stitching!!  (Nose wires are cut 4.5" to 5" long.)  I just tuck the centered nose wire inside the mask, up close to the top edge.  Once I have it centered, I hold it in place and add a row of stitching to hold it in place.  I do my edge stitching then edge stitch the folds.

Consult the video for the rest of the finishing.  I will say that  in the pressing step, I simple "eyeball" a 1/2" fold along the sides for the ear loops.

I hope to add additional process photos with my next set of masks.  Drop me a comment, if you have any questions before that happens.

Until next time...
I'm off to make MORE masks!!


  1. Good for you for finding good solutions for your family!!!

  2. Customization is required when making masks for the family and friends. I finally found a pattern that works with the right size ear loops for everyone. It's not trival. Thanks for sharing your how too.

  3. Thanks. Making some masks sre on my plan for the afternoon. Wondering if a pipe cleaner would work for the nose pinch?....

  4. Thanks for the links! I'm going to give this style a try!


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