Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday - Pathway to Something New

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!! This post is a little different than most.  There's no completed project to share with you.  At least, not yet.

You guys, I am SEW excited to tell you what I just did!

The morning started off normally enough.  It was grocery day.  We had a BIG order this week, so much processing ensued.  Once that was done, I sat down to visit some of my favorite quilt blogs, as well as having a look at today's projects from my fellow participants in the Stitching Sunshine Blog Hop hosted by Carla @ Creatin' in the Sticks.  My day was yesterday and you can find that post HERE.


The processing groceries was NOT the highlight of my day!!

What WAS the BEST part of your day, Joyful???

Patience, dear reader.  I'm getting to that.  Special thanks to Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict, who reviewed a brand new class for her readers.  Literally, I went straight from her blog and signed up for the class.  I couldn't resist!  I just finished up watching the final video and started writing this post.

Go there!!  She's offering a coupon code.  :o))


Back to the class.  Trust me when I tell you, I don't take very many classes.  I've been quilting more than 25 years and simply don't have the desire to sit through a class to start ANOTHER project when I already have quite a number of UFOs.  This was different!

It's Christina Cameli's NEW pattern The Pathway Pillow and it's only available with the purchase of her new class, filmed in her very own home with the help of her 11 year-old daughter, Ellery:

Now, I know what you're thinking and you CAN see plenty of home grown videos on YouTube, but this is different.  Seriously, they did a fabulous job!  Very professional (while introducing a comfortable amount of comic relief just to lighten the mood.)

Christina had prepared the class to be filmed for a Bluprint video, but a week before taping was when the big announcement was handed down.  They would be closing.  There would be no class.

I admire Christina for taking on the project in spite of the whole no more Bluprint thing.  The class is broken down into manageable segments.  Christina teaches you how to MAKE the pillow top.  She teaches you how to QUILT the pillow top.  She teaches you how to ASSEMBLE the pillow.  Christina has also included some great tips and tricks along the way.

Did I mention that she teaches you how to QUILT the pillow?!?!

That's right.  I just took a class with quilting great, Christina Cameli.  Right in my very own home.  On my very own couch!  Now, I just need to finish up this week's quilting projects so that I can give her techniques a try.

Until next time...
Be SEW open to learning!!!


  1. I love Christina Cameli's videos. I watched all of hers at Craftsy/Bluprint. They have really helped me with free motion quilting. It's wonderful that she's not going to stop making videos. I agree that she did a fantastic job of making and editing this new set. Thanks for spreading the word! ~Jeanne

  2. How fun! I'm so glad you enjoyed her class, and I'm looking forward to seeing the pillow(s) you create :)

  3. Oh what fun! Thanks for sharing. So happy to hear you had so much fun!

  4. Sounds like a fun class. We could all use a some fun these days. Looking forward to checking out your version.


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